Winning Edge: Leadership Interventions With A Distinct Flavour

Iesh Pratap Singh,Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Iesh Pratap Singh

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The biggest challenge in front of today's Corporate leaders is the issue of `Time Poverty'. Top senior management leaders across organizations seldom get time to get together and learn something new. Moreover, typical leadership intervention training programs are facilitated by Trainers rather than certified leadership coaches. Additionally, it has also been observed that a lot of the leadership intervention trainers get easily intimidated because of the presence of top senior management people they are dealing with.

Constituted in the year 2005, Gurugram-based Winning Edge is one of the few leadership intervention firms in India that works exclusively with the top management of any organization that includes CEOs, CxOs, and CIOs. What makes Winning Edge a unique venture is the fact that all of the firm's facilitators are certified leadership coaches, thus offering the exact opposite of the value matrix in the leadership intervention space.

Tackling the pressing issue of Time Poverty, every session at Winning Edge is conducted by two coaches together. This gives a unique balance of Ying and Yang to every session conducted, says Iesh Pratap Singh, Founder & CEO. Having two certified coaches who have a strong personality and yet different from one another enables the entire batch of people to have a sense of relatability at the training programs.

At Winning Edge, each intervention program is unique and deeply steeped into the realities of modern-day organizations. All the leadership intervention programs at Winning Edge stem from a combination of Behavioral Science, Neuro-Science, and Neuro-Cognitive Science. The company breeds subtle yet vital contributions both to the top and bottom line of an organization and addresses challenges like bringing strategies to life, conserving culture, adding productivity, essentially raising the bar at each step.

Each of the Learning Journeys are run for a duration of at least six months. These have been successfully delivered across many industry verticals covering 250 plus interventions annually. Some of the distinctly unique intervention programs and Training Workshops at Winning Edge include:
• Positive Aggression
• (DIEB) Diversity Inclusion Equity Belonging
• GPS for life
• Courageous Action (Shortening the Knowing Doing Gap)
• Values to Work
• Bar Raisers
• Storytelling for Leaders
• Defining Your Company's Citizen
• Trust Algorithm

The content of the learning programs comes straight from path-breaking behavioral research conducted by the group of researchers at Winning Edge. The objective is to give the participants the benefit of the best practices & innovative solutions available across the globe. For instance, Winning Edge's DIY kit for your emotional well-being is
one such journey that helps an organization focus on the emotional wellbeing for everyone starting with the leaders. At present, Winning Edge is the only recognized facilitation Learning Organization for CxOs, interventions that equip the Leadership Team to collaborate & work together.

Conceived in the early 2000s with a mission to de-commoditize Executive Manpower and focus on Human in Human Resources, in the next 4 years, the thinking, stance and vision of the company evolved that led to the establishment of Training, Coaching, Assessments and Exit Management verticals. Over the years, the firm has delivered its intervention programs in India and across the entire globe covering a total of 150 geographical regions, baring South America and Australia.

The firm's successful growth journey in the past two decades is attributed to the innovative learning intervention practices that it brings forth to the table. In the current period of Time Poverty, Winning Edge provides the perfect `Bite- Sized' Learning Solution for the CXO circle. In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the team of experts at Winning Edge quickly adjusted to Capsule Learnings. High-impact, high-intensity, low-time learning intervention were also made available. The firm also runs a community service called WE care, which are open workshops for Senior Executives going through burnouts.

The Perfect Combination Of Learning Experts On Board
The league of coaches at Winning Edge are lifelong researchers who have had a fair amount of experience in the corporate world before deciding to get on-board with Winning Edge. This has enriched the team with a three-dimensional outlook. The facilitators bring in their experiences into each training session. In each of the interventions, the facilitators share their unique life journeys and life experiences with the top management leaders on-board. Instead of conducting traditional business case- studies, the sessions are also filled with offbeat approaches such as running a business analysis of movies. Learning interventions for the enrolled business leaders are imparted with a definite human touch instilling a sense of collaboration in them.

The content of the learning programs comes straight from path-breaking behavioral research conducted by the group of researchers at winning edge

One of the biggest strengths of Winning Edge is that all the facilitators have certifications from International Universities and Learning Bodies. In addition to that, all the facilitators or coaches at the firm are required to earn at least two certifications a year in a bid to stay updated and not limit themselves to the immediate knowledge. At its core, the team of experts at Winning Edge are travelers and seekers constantly learning and enhancing themselves which ultimately exposes the on-boarded business leaders with the latest happenings and best practices out there.

“At present, winning edge is the only recognized facilitation learning organization for CxOs, interventions that equip the leadership team to collaborate & work together”

Iesh Pratap Singh, Founder & CEO
A student of Neuro-Plasticity, Iesh Pratap is a certified coach with over 20 years of experience in various industry verticals and over a decade& half long experience in Executive Search and Corporate Trainings.

For a Fortune 500 Company
The requirement for the company was a leadership orientation program that would leverage key topics, formal and informal dialogue, personal impact, legacy, networking and strategic story telling ­ all with the focus on leadership experience. The team at Winning Edge helped create a quarterly leadership development program. This helped the executives align with the Organization's strategic vision, revenue generation, effectiveness as a leader and defining personal success in their jobs. These last 2 elements (effectiveness as a leader and defining personal success in their job) were created using the framework of the Trust Algorithm. The training was a huge success, and the executives responded positively to the interactive hands-on course.

For a 50-year-old Indian FMCG Giant
The new leadership team in the FMCG giant recognized that learning was key to moving the organization from the attitude of `work as usual' to `let's grow rapidly' but had limited budgets towards L&D. Winning Edge lead the intervention with Learning Lunches for the C-suite executives; with the theme of building trust to engage and motivate people. In the end, Leaders from the FMCG company took on the initiative as co-trainers; and 83% admitted that the leadership style was more participative.