Vivify Solutions : Multi-lingual eLearning with Simulation & Video Services

  Vishwas Goyal, Founder Director & CEO,     Sonam Goyal, CFO & Video Production Head

Vishwas Goyal, Founder Director & CEO

Sonam Goyal, CFO & Video Production Head

The online education market in India is expected to reach INR 325.48 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of around 17.19%. The expanding popularity of skill development platforms, ease of access to educational contents on various e-learning spaces and increased use of smart phones along with economical internet plans are the key driving factors for the growth in the Indian elearning market. Working professionals or learners from academic institutions across the country have been turning to such learning platforms to upgrade their skills due to the magnitude of resources that they offer. However, a large part of the learners face linguistic barrier to their process of knowledge acquisition as the mode of instruction of most of the e-learning platforms is not multilingual.

This is where Vivify Solutions came into existence to provide digital content solutions in multiple languages for elearning and marketing needs of corporate organizations across the globe. Started out in 2014 with the objective of simplifying L&D mechanism, Vivify creates video contents that focus on skill enhancement of the workforce of their client organization. They specialize in digitizing educational contents in regional languages and designing realtime learning simulations in order for the learner to get a grasp on the concerning field. Vivify offers digital marketing solutions as well that cater
to the individual needs of the consumer organization. A comprehensive workspace of video production for creative marketing and learning contents, Vivify runs its operations from Mumbai.

We highly believe that learning delivered in the language which the learner understands is going to derive results

Range of Services
Vivify offers a diverse range of video creation services for the purposes of education, training, internal communication and marketing needs. Their e-learning service ranges from content sketching, script development and story boarding to production and post production process to finally handing over the end videos to the client. Vivify designs the digital content in a way that helps learners understand the subject in a quicker and simplified manner. With salient features like gamification and micro or bite size learning the learning videos add value to the user organization and live up to its objectives and goals.

Vivify develops explainer videos and advertisements based on video that convey the potential of the products offered by the client in a way that draws attention of the consumers and generates higher conversion rates. They also translate the learning videos to regional and foreign languages making them more accessible to learners across the world. Vivify recently was honoured with the award for “Excellence in The Production of Learning Content” at the 10th Global Training & Development Leadership Award in March, 2022. Vivify Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Has Won The Title of “Learning Content Provider of the Year” at the 5th Edition L& D Vision & Innovation Summit & Awards 2022 held on 7th July 2022, at Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi Airport.

Vishwas Goyal, Director of Vivify Solutions adds, “We highly believe that learning delivered in the language which the learner understands is going to derive results. It would be challenging for a learner if the medium of learning is not aligned with their native language. Hence we recommend learning in multiple languages based on the learner’s geographical back ground”.

Future Roadmap
Vivify is committed to continual improvement of their wide ranging offerings. They are looking forward to the expansion of their services and product portfolio. “Currently, Vivify is a service based company but we are in the pipeline to come up with new services and products. We will keep evolving with time, technologies, emerging market trends and consumer needs to keepup with the organization’s vision. So this is our roadmap for the upcoming future,” concludes Mr. Goyal.