Vivart Coaching: Providing NLP Training with Regional Context-Based Content to Transform the Larger Public

Nilesh Gawde,Director

Nilesh Gawde


Sometimes, life situations can throw us into deep waters and it seems we are stuck. When a Pune-based young woman had sleepless nights and was unable to lead normal life due to anxiety and fear caused by sudden tragic deaths in her family within a short interval, she sought the help of Vivart Coaching, an NLP provider. After attending Vivart's program, her anxiety got reduced and she was able to sleep undisturbed for eight hours for the first time in almost six months. This is how fruitful Vivart's programs are.

In another instance, an optics professional who wanted to pursue his passion of photography and photo journalism was struggling hard to balance his passion and professional life and became frustrated as a result. But after completing Vivart's NLP program, he reinvigorated his passion with fresh perspective & energy and was able to publish his work in leading national & international newspapers within a year's time.

Both these incidents throw light on how Vivart Coaching, with its focus on helping people transform and unlock their hidden potential, has been able to influence people in difficult circumstances. Derived from Sanskrit word, Vivart means whirlpool/transformation, and hence through its powerful and effective combination of success coaching+NLP+hypnosis program, it
is transforming life. From its personalized coaching programs to programs to help organizations set SMART goals, the aim is to help individuals, group and organizations to courageously pursue their dreams by removing limiting beliefs like fear, anxiety and stress apart from limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, resistance to change, and negative self-talk.

Meeting the Training Needs of the Masses
For Vivart, the mission is to bring positive transformation in people across different classes, regions and communities. To reach-out to wider masses in the villages and towns in India, it realized the importance of regional context-based content in vernacular languages. "We have observed that over the years, the coaching content has been developed in English with an aim to cater to a particular stratum of the society. Owing to this, the penetration of NLP programs was limited only to metro cities," says Nilesh Gawde, Director, Vivart Coaching. To bridge this gap for availability of coaching and the demand from interior regions, Vivart decided to create content in the regional context and offer coaching in regional languages.

For Vivart, the mission is to bring positive transformation in people across different classes, regions and communities

Its flagship programs Success Coaching for students, entrepreneurs & startups and sports professionals make use of NLP techniques like Meta Model and help develop the right mindset and skillset for vigorously following one's career or academic path and achieve work-life balance. All the programs are conducted under the guidance of Nilesh, an accomplished NLP trainer with many certifications under his belt like Certified Success Coach, Certified Organizational Development Coach and Certified Executive Coach, who is the mainstay of the institution. Being a published author on topics related to successful mindset, he is consultant to many schools to improve their education framework using NLP Coaching techniques.

Using his expertise, Vivart has not only been successful in transforming people, but also in the business front as well. It grew 150 percent in terms of revenue and clientele in the previous year. The starting of customized NLP programs for senior citizens, parents, teachers and social service professionals means the benefits of NLP training is going to reach to newer sections of people. The launching of web based programs and new centers across India are aimed at expanding Vivart's presence nationally and internationally.