Evolve: Bridging the Gap between Theoretical Knowledge and Industry-Oriented Technical Education

With the growing economy, India is also witnessing the growth of the education sector. However, Indian industry is not so convinced about the job-readiness of today’s students. There is an urgent need to address the gap between the Indian industries and Academia. Headquartered in Vadodara, Evolve by TCR Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was set up with a vision to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge of the candidates and the job requirement of the industry by providing industry oriented technical education with current technology in use along with reallife case studies and practical demonstration.

Set up in 2017, Evolve was established to train the engineers and the people who are dealing with industrial equipment with Technical Certification Requirement (TCR). The institute is recognized for some of its major offerings like NDT Level II Certification, Advanced NDT, Metallographic and Metallurgy, Management Courses, and O&M of Components. NDT Level II training consists of MT, PT, UT and RT, NDT Level-I and Level-II certification is provided according to the written practice based on SNT-TC-1A.

Paresh Haribhakti, Founder and MD, Evolve says, “The Advanced NDT training covers the latest NDT techniques such as ToFD, PAUT, Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry, RFET, NFET, IRIS, and Helium Leak Detection and for damage specific NDT testing such as HTHA, Corrosion under Insulation, Creep Damage, Boiler NDT Inspection, NDT for Remnant Life Assessment inspection, NDT inspection of Heat Exchanger, Assessment of in service degradation. Under Metallography and Metallurgy, we offer courses such as Metallurgy for Engineers, Mechanical testing of Metals, Corrosion Control and Monitoring, Fundamentals of Corrosion, Damage Mechanisms and Life Management of Gas Turbine Components.” The Advanced courses offered by Evolve are Advanced Metallurgy, Corrosion Damage Evaluation, Metallurgy Composition, Fatigue and Fracture Toughness, and Plant Operational Training which are all served by the experts in oil and gas sectors.

Devoted to the creation and dissemination of knowledge and to the education of leaders with wisdom to illuminate the past, and shape and serve the future, Evolve continuously strives to make the engineers and others studying at Evolve understand why NDT training is
necessary and how these courses can add value to their jobs and the organizations they are working with. “Many of the engineers and people working with the industrial equipment face difficulty in implementing the theoretical knowledge in the industry. At Evolve, we provide practical knowledge by solving cases from the industry,” adds Paresh.
Paresh Haribhakti,Founder and Managing Director

Today, Evolve has experts from all across the industry, holding experiences of more than a decade. These faculties/trainers provide examples of theories with practical terminology making the best use of their industrial experience. Paresh mentions, “In today’s industry, being updated with the technology is an important element for every employee, whether it is an engineer or any other person associated with a company or the industry. At Evolve, we offer I-Module which is the Soft-skill Department that conducts various programs, seminars under workshops with corporate experts to help the engineers solve the technological challenges and convert them into strengths.”

Evolve is well equipped with all the necessary facilities which are essential for the candidates to meet the latest technological trends

Located in the heart of the city, Evolve is well-equipped with all the necessary facilities which are essential for the candidates to meet the latest technological trends. Constantly striving to bridge the gap between the theory and practical implementation, Evolve is trying its best to offer courses which are designed for NDT engineers to enhance their knowledge on the latest NDT techniques. “At Evolve, we offer courses which are tailor-made to meet the requirements of learners. We do not want anyone to lose their chance of getting a job due to lack of knowledge about the industry. Hence, we not only provide quality training but also collaborate with industry experts and organize in-house training sessions for the students,” Having trained 512 trainees from ESSAR, ONCG, SIEMENS, TATA POWER, ALSTOM, Mahindra, and many more with a range of 84 courses, Evolve aspires to expand its reach and connect with more students in coming years.