Stock Market Institute: Piloting a National Mission to Improve Financial Literacy

Kishore B.S, Co-Founder & CDO, B Deepak Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO,Abdul  G Sait, Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst & CEO

98 percent sure stock market tips; easy way to make Rs.10,000–20,000 per day, read an online advertisement! Yes, I too have the same question that popped up in your mind right now. If the advertiser is blessed with a formula to make Rs.10,000 per day, why wouldn’t he make a luxurious living out of it, instead of going after the nominal coaching fee? In truth, in a country where more than 90 percent of the investors burn their hand in trading, such empty promises only add to the pessimistic myths surrounding the stock market. According to Bloomberg, the Indian stock investors lost $104.7 billion in May-2019 alone. It is entailed to turn around the stock market literacy rates yesterday!

The Bangalore based Stock Market Institute a pure play educational organization is on a national mission to improve the financial literacy rates in the country and create Capital Market Specialists in Indian and overseas markets. "There is no such thing as a definite formula to make a fortune out of the stock markets. But there are certain precautions that you can take to not lose money easily. Our curriculum, which was developed using the wealth of experience of expert investors, is all about not losing money in the stock market," asserts B Deepak Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Stock Market Institute.

A Start from Mistakes
The story of Stock Market Institute originally takes back to the common trading mistakes the cofounding trio Deepak,Kishore B.S(CDO),and Abdul G Sait(Chief Catalyst)who once were fulltime stock brokers experienced themselves almost a decade ago. All of them lost money and they learned from their experience. "One of the things that were common with the three of us was that we lost money in the stock market during our college days. When we later became stockbrokers, we witnessed traders making the same mistakes over and over again. Hence, we brainstormed and considered the mistakes that cost us money, and in turn converted them into modules, alongside deliberation with other experts,"adjoins Kishore.
"The center has also tied-up with a dozen of reputed corporate organizations to provide their employees with customized financial literacy programs"

In 2010, the trio kick started their journey with a one day workshop, inviting all their clients to participate. The overwhelming feedback granted them the go ahead, and in 2011, they established Stock Market Institute, giving up all their stock broking business. Students immediately found the classes effective and interactive as the examples used in the classroom were genuine pages out the founders' trading experience. Building an organization from scratch however has its own challenges and they were exposed to the heat right away. But the Young Turks took the bull by the horns. From acting as the front desk and taking care of the accounts to cleaning the classrooms, the trio became a jack of all trades, besides putting on their teaching coats on time. However the biggest challenge for Stock Market Institute was to create a market by acquainting potential students with the need for financial literacy and the fact that the stock marketing is no gambling.

Abdul recalls, "Shredding the myths & making common people understand that they could really invest in the stock market was the hardest challenge. We even conducted the 'Second Shows' of stock market training by running midnight classes as per the convenience of busy professionals. We often had to send cabs to pick them up". Over the years, the trio has been astoundingly successful in developing a huge market by infusing their engagements with a lot of professionalism and augmenting its faculty with several dozens of experienced professionals. While it's no secret that even the newest competitor today benefits from this market Stock Market Institute takes it to the next levelby shaping & transforming the students'stock market lives through advanced strategies and courses imbued with the coaches' hands on experience.

On a National Mission
Today, the organization trains almost 13000 students a year through its programs
spanning from one day workshop to 18months spanning fulltime(Monday-to-Friday) courses. Started from a small office in Bangalore, the institute has come a long way from where it began having its operations in Mumbai and Dubai in addition to three locations in Bangalore. "We make it possible by focusing on our value system on a daily basis," adds Deepak. He continues, "We take pride in the role models we have created like Mathew, who started from scratch through our programs and went on to become successful to the tune of quitting his job and becoming a fulltime trader. Having come back to us to share his wealth of experience, Mathew today is one of our best coaches". In addition to a team of exceptionally experienced fulltime faculties, Stock Market Institute is also associated with a UK-based certification body IFM (Institute of Financial Market) that qualifies its students, who include undergraduates & graduates, working professionals, and house wives.

Our curriculum, which was developed using the wealth of experience of expert investors, is all about not losing money in the stock market

While working professionalsand housewives constitute 88 percent of the institute's overall admission, the undergraduates & graduates make the rest of it. Interestingly, among this, 18 percent are house wives. The institute has designed specific courses for them, as well as it has designed discrete courses for the other categories of participants. "Nearly 40-45 percent of our population is either watching TV or spending time on social media for six hours a day. Imagine the economy benefits if they make those hours productive. With this aim we have developed a women only program called Ms Finance," adds Deepak.

There are in fact three qualities that make women often better traders than men. They are the best at saving money, they have the best instincts of making the right choices and they are always better than men when it comes to bargaining. These three qualities are pivotal in the stock market. Ms Finance equips women, especially housewives to trade during their free time, which is generally 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM the peak hours of the stock market. Having finished three batches till date, no wonder Ms Finance has worked amazingly well.

"The 'illiterate' today is the one who does not know how to manage his/her own finances," avers Kishore. Inclined towards a nationalized financial literacy mission, Stock Market Institute today strives to expand its outreach by stepping-in to bridge the financial gap prevailing in the corporate sector. With a 90 minutes knowledge sharing pilot session, which is free of cost, the institute encrusts over the 'What and Why' of wealth creation and in turn acquaints the corporate professionals with the basics of stock investing and charting a successful portfolio, while also enabling them to strike an ideal balance between financial freedom and professional satisfaction. Going an extra mile further, the center has also tied-up with a dozen of reputed corporate organizations to provide their employees with customized financial literacy programs.

More in the Pipeline
After almost a decade StockMarket Institute still upholds its vision to touch maximum lives and improve every single one of them. Placing this vision and national financial literacy mission beyond all the materialistic interests the organization today is highly engaged in CSR activities. It conducts classes for 50-60 undergraduates from various colleges on a daily basis free of cost. "The colleges request us to give their students the basic understanding. All our classes are booked in advance for two months," adjoins Kishore. Going forward, the organization has plans to broaden its CSR activities.

In the upcoming academic year,Stock Market Institute will induct one underprivileged student for every 10 students admitted. Furthermore, the institute is striving to develop a community out of its alumni Stock Market Institute Club with plans to get together on Sundays and acquaint underprivileged people with the basics of stock market. While having global expansion on the cards(68 countries on the radar), with Stock Market Institute, there is definitely a plenty of deliverables to look forward to.

Key Management:
B Deepak Kumar, Co-Founder& CEO
An MBA from Deakin University(Australia), Deepak has more than a decade of experience in the industry. Kishore B.S, Co-Founder & CDO The chief digital officer of Stock Market Institute, Kishore holds a PGDBM and has an industry experience of more than 14 years. Abdul G Sait Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst An MBA graduate, Abdul possesses 14 years of experience in including his 13 years of entrepreneurial journey.

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment:2011
Most Popular Programs:
•One-Day Master Class
•Ms Finance (Exclusively for Women)
•Advance Derivatives & MF Master Class
•Stock Market Analysis (Exclusively for Students)
•Seven Weeks Program (Batches on Weekday evening & Weekends)
•14 Weeks Program(Batches on Weekday evening & Weekends)
•Master Trader Program (Advanced Level)
•Professional Diploma in Capital Market,leading to an MBA(18 Months FullTime)

Stock Market Institute in Spotlight:
•Incepted with a vision of creating Capital Market Specialists in Indian and overseas markets through its well tested models, curriculum and teaching methods
•Simplifying the complexity via industry experts
•The expert resource persons make the classrooms alive with their innovative teaching methods & firsthand experience

Offices:Bangalore(three offices), Mumbai & Dubai

Popular Initiatives/Engagement Activities:
•Industrial Visits & Guest Lectures
•SSA Stock Market Institute Student Ambassador
•SMI Certified Financial Coach(CFC)
•SMI TYAR­ The Young Analyst Ranking
•SMI Open House Five Winning Trading Strategies
•SMI Bull Run Championship