Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions: Elevate Learning Digitally from Mediocre to Topper

Dr. B.S. Rao,Founder & Chairman

Dr. B.S. Rao

Founder & Chairman

In the year 2020, remote learning became the top educational trend overnight. The rising COVID-19 cases which resulted in closures of educational institutes led to increased demand for online educational platforms. Going the e-Learning route, many education institutions adapted the electronic delivery of learning. This change included moving to education methods like live video sessions, slide based online activities, or more robust systems like online courses and e-learning platforms to help students develop the necessary skills. Similarly, Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions launched Infinity Learn with an initial investment of $50 million to transform the digital learning experience for students. With the help of Infinity Learn, every child can know their areas of strength, identify the areas of weakness, and improve one step at a time. Asia’s one of the leading educational groups, Sri Chaitanya, has ameliorated the traditional Indian education system over the last three decades. Likewise its prodigy, Infinity Learn is designed and led by people with the purpose of becoming a global leader in the digital learning arena.

“Sri Chaitanya makes lives of students better by integrating prior coaching with regular board syllabus. Sri Chaitanya junior colleges offer the finest test prep courses so that students are prepared to crack any competitive exam and study in the best institutions across the country, in engineering, medicine, CA, ICWAI, CS preparatory for the Indian civil services. Students who step out of Sri Chaitanya learn to chase careers and not jobs. They grow
tough mentally,” Dr.B.S.Rao, Founder & Chairman, Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions.

Caters Digital Teaching & Learning Environment
Teaching is an art, only a few have mastered. In fact we have a term for that, Teachers by choice. Due to the pandemic, we learned that the usual bag of tricks wouldn’t be enough. With Infinity Learn, their diverse inhouse teaching talent with rich and varied experiences, Edtech veterans, and the latest technology at their disposal, Sri Chaitanya has overcome the challenges of the digital teaching process head on.

‘Blended Learning’A Paradigm Shift in Education
With infinity learn, the blended learning concept will gain prominence in the Edtech market. This concept will strengthen the student without going to another teacher as the company understand the student mindset & psychology of the child. How the child should be approached, motivated, counselled, and taught. Speed, accuracy and stability are necessary for competitive exam. Without these, however good a student in subject, cannot succeed in a competitive exam.

The blended learning concept is a paradigm shift in the art of teaching. The key to success in the blended learning approach is thorough under standing of how a topic should be taught to a student the same method to be adopted online and help the student revise, clarifications regarding classroom teaching.

“We have combined traditional wisdom and innovation ready technology to create a system of learning that is engaging and measurable. Infinity Learn helps in achieving physical classroom engagement levels in digital learning environments with the blend of artificial intelligence and practical teaching and learning methods. We couple this with providing continuous one on one feedback and counsel for improvement,” adds Dr. B.S.Rao.

Furthermore, Infinity Learn provides infinite capabilities to make online teaching more effective. The offerings are Infinity Learn, Infinity Schools, Infinity Doubts, and Infinity Community. Infinity Learn creates a one step solution for all the learning needs of the students. Secondly, Infinity Schools helps in running your schools on the most advanced edtech platform. Infinity Doubts helps students to resolve their doubts through chats 24x7. And Infinity Community contributes to student learning. Sri Chaitanya has taken the initiative to improve the lives and education of underprivileged pupils by offering top quality education at a nominal fee.

In a span of 35 years, Sri Chaitanya has grown exponentially to seven states. Today, it has 700 branches and seven lakh students, supported by 50,000+ teaching and non teaching staff. Owing to its consistent performance, Sri Chaitanya has received appreciations, accolades, and awards from the state government, corporate companies, and other voluntary organizations.