Skillcubator: Empowering People to Seamlessly Transition Careers at any Stage of Life

  Chetan V Mehta,   Founder & CEO

Chetan V Mehta

Founder & CEO

We are living in a highly competitive environment, where organizations are always looking to outcompete by rolling out new solutions via shorter TTM (Time-To-Market), improved quality and exceeding customer’s expectations. Organizations have realized that the only way to achieve this is by embracing agile methodologies and practices. The Agile and particularly, Scrum training industry is thriving, owing to a business climate that necessitates adaptability and responsiveness. Rapid technology advancements and market disruptions have boosted demand for competent agile expertise.

Skillcubator, a prestigious US-based training institute, founded in 2012 by Chetan V Mehta, beams as an inspiration for professionals looking to master agile knowledge, principles, and methodologies and apply the same in building world-class solutions. Skillcubator has created a wide range of training, coaching and mentoring programs that connect agile practices with various other job-based training programs such as Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Project Management, Robotics Process Automation, Quality Assurance, and Business Process Management.

World-class Training Programs with Co-Op Opportunities
Skillcubator was established with a vision to build a world class training platform for developing and incubating new skills to empower learners to seamlessly transition into their careers at any stage of their lives. It redefines learning by providing extensive training programs, which are synchronized with popular role-based training programs helping individuals to upskill/reskill
themselves. Besides training, Skillcubator also provides business domain training, and personal branding by building professional resumes, and cover letters and optimized LinkedIn and placement support.

“We are on a mission to help individuals transition into new careers at any stage of their life by building cutting-edge employable skills of the 21st century through world-class training, coaching, mentoring, and placement programs. We ensure that our trainees not only learn new skills but they are equipped with life-long knowledge, skills, and expertise so that they can successfully perform on the job and also lead from the front with full confidence and positive attitude”, shares Chetan V Mehta, Founder and CEO, Skillcubator.

Skillcubator’s ongoing commitment to be at the top of the field guarantees that trainees are equipped with the most accurate agile practices, methodologies, and principles, giving them a clear competitive advantage. Additionally, trainees also participate in a Co-Op program, where they are given an opportunity to work on live software development projects and work alongside stakeholders, where they can apply their knowledge and skills, learned during the training program, in a workplace environment to solve real-world complex problems.

Skillcubator was established with a vision to build a world-class training platform for developing & incubating new skills

Range of Offerings
Motivated by its unique standing, the firm offers a diverse and expansive range of offerings including courses like Certified Agile Business Analysis, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Data analysis, Full Stack Business Analyst, Robotics Process Automation(RPA) Project Management, Quality Assurance and, Business Process Management.

Since its establishment in 2012, Skillcubator has demonstrated its prowess by training and mentoring over 1000 professionals across a global landscape including the USA, Canada, India, UK, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Africa. The firm’s impactful journey includes pivotal milestones, such as forging partnerships with esteemed universities in the USA and India to provide training programs in critical domains.

In 2021, Skillcubator introduced the Business Analysis Incubation program, showcasing its commitment to innovation and growth. An extraordinary achievement came in 2022 when Skillcubator earned the distinguished status of a Premium-Level Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), solidifying its position as an industry leader. Looking forward, Skillcubator is on an ambitious trajectory, set to expand its service portfolio and make significant strides by venturing into the UAE region, in alignment with the UAE’s 'Economic Vision 2030'.