Wagons Learning: Charging Individuals and Organizations a Step Forward

Raviraj Poojary,Head -Business Development,

Raviraj Poojary

Head -Business Development,

Started as a training provider with a sole focus on the automotive sector, Wagons Learning's journey to become one of the finest market places engaged in human capital training and development was a dream run for its founders. While, the institute has expanded its foot prints across various industries, Raviraj Poojary, Head – Business Development, Wagons Learning remembers, "We saw a huge opportunity in organizing the sector as it was in its nascent stages. We strongly believed in learning retention and applicability of the learning outcome at the work place was missing in the training industry." To convert this opportunity into a business practice, Wagons Learning delivered training programs with cutting edge techniques and methodology that equips people with right skills, knowledge and behavior to help them achieve their career goals. As a result, Wagons Learning by its best in class training interventions
and services has seen continuous growth year upon year despite economic slow down.

Year of existence in the training market has helped wagons learning in creating a strong team of trainers who are subject matter experts with relevant training certifications

Years of existence in the training market has helped the institute in creating a strong team of trainers who are subject matter experts with relevant training certifications. "In our business, trainers are the product and we place utmost importance in selection of trainers and have set benchmarks for the process. All our trainers possess minimum 10 years of experience from both Industry and training experience," claims Poojary. Today they have a strong foot hold in Automotive and Banking industry as their trainers understand the business and the competencies required for each job role. The institutes' approach of assigning right trainers for right interventions was instrumental in deriving return on investment for their training Investments and creating the business justification for training expenditures.

"The Pre – Training period is the most critical factor for the success of any training intervention.
Our team conducts a gap analysis and maps the competency levels of the target audience by way of extensive Training Need Identification (TNI) like 'on the job observation' through field visits, assessment test, survey questionnaire, Mystery shopping, stakeholders and immediate superior meetings," explains Uday Shetty, Head – Client Relation. One of the major challenges across industry segments has been in deriving proper learning outcome from the training interventions, ensuring a better learning retention and applicability of the learning outcome at the work place. To address this issue they are specialized in incorporating a series of Post Training interventions after each program to align the learning outcome with the business objective. Customization of both content and delivery style to fit organizational objectives is also the key to Wagons Learning's success.

Today, Wagons Learning is not an organization that is looking forward to establish its presence in India, but a high quality training provider with vision become global leader who makes extensive contribution in human capital development. They aim to provide skill development training to empower youth for jobs and to create entrepreneurship opportunities, thereby supporting "Make in India" initiative by the government to become a complete reality.