Talent Shapers: Shaping Corporate World with Behavioral Temperament

Shilpi Gautam,CTOBehavioral psychology interlaces with the corporate world to give birth to a new market of Behavioral training which is a largely unaddressed sector. Shilpi Gautam, an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics, and a HR professional founded Talent Shapers, a behavioral training company to address this niche market and educate professionals on the importance of their behavior at the workplace. With a professional experience of 12 years in
HR sector, it intrigued her when she discovered that corporate trainings were limited only till the program ends but the implementation of the training remains neglected.

From its initiation in 2008, it has catered to many corporate companies and provided the program among trainees and corporate professionals in cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata.
Attributes such as self management, communication technique, and leadership qualities are sharpened to recondition the professionals for better job performance and career prospects. The trained individuals accordingly become equipped to meet the needs of the future plans of their respective employers. Managing customers, appraisal, sales and competency based interviewing skills, key account management development and business development is also among them. It also employs Gamification in its curriculum, a concept of applying game design in a non-gaming context to increase involvement and participation of the employees with a competitive behavior in achieving the targeted growth of the client.

With a staff of 35 professional who are experts from diffirents fields of management and corporate sector talents shappers claims to have trained 15000 individuals in last six year

"On being instrumental in bridging the gap between the academic training and the industrial need, Talent Shapers was started to do the same to provide effective training delivery among the employees of the clients," mentions Shilpi.
The program Talent Shapers provide is demand specific. The course content is designed to meet the client needs and thus individuals are analyzed on one to one basis and are moderated through drama, theatre techniques and business simulations to familiarize the trainees to a business friendly environment.

The Unique Value Proposition that Talent Shapers offers is a ROI on the training investment and an intensive follow-up mechanism to deliver quantifiable benefits to the training interventions.

Along with its flagship training program, this company has added a new e-learning service for students who could not attend the company's conventional training program. With a pool of 35 professionals who are experts from different fields of management and corporate sector, Talent Shapers claims to have trained 15,000 individuals in last six years.

With changing face of corporate training market, companies like Talent Shapers have been influential in giving a different style to the mundane format of corporate training.

"Discovering the ever evolving corporate market and new developments in technology, the need for a skilled work force with a pleasant behavioral temperament will be more ideal and to be a provider of such human resources is the guiding principle of Talent Shapers," concludes Shilpi.