SEED Infotech: Carving a Pathway to Fine Tune Working Professionals

Narendra Barhate,  MD & CEO90 percent of the world's data was generated in the last two years. Each and every one of us is constantly generating more data about ourselves and corporations use this data to comprehensively shape their products. This is one of the reasons why Big Data Analytics is an instrument of great utilities in the industry. Akin to Big Data Analytics, there are many technologies that are carving a niche for themselves in the market. The know-how of these technologies contributes to the value of an individual in the industry and helps them discover their role in an organization. Understanding this need, SEED Infotech, an IT training and services firm,set out to improve employability with their niche courses to create a new breed of technical experts.

"Currently a number of newly recruited individuals work and abide by the guidelines of their superiors and function according to the culture of the company without realizing their potential," says Narendra Barhate, MD & CEO,SEED Infotech. Utilizing the concepts and modules of Big Data and Hadoop, SEED Infotech creates a pathway for working professionals to realize their potential as an engineer in the modern times.

An Aid to Discover Hidden Talents

Founded in 1994, SEED Infotech helps working professionals in discovering their potential and area of expertise
in respective technological domains. A plethora of courses designed across domains like software development, software testing, hardware networking -infrastructure management services, database administration, and digital marketing help a working professional in establishing ground base of operations and makes them aware of their roles. Personality Development classes add to the overall refining of an enrolled student to transform them into a better individuals.

SEED Infotech prepares a new on set of skill in the students that makes them confident to face the industry and adapt to its rigorous changes

A greater hindrance in performance of an engineer with sound technological knowledge is communication. Many deserving candidates today oftentimes face rejection due to lack of good communication and soft skills to put forth their ideas and hinders them from delivering their true potential. "Focusing on Consulting, Training and Staffing, SEED Infotech also has designated measures that aid the communication skills of an applicant that refine their ability to put forth their ideas in the best of ways," says Barhate.

On a mission to unveil human potential to create global quality technology workforce, the company functions on objectives to bridge the gap between the industry's requirements and University education. Currently a global staffing solutions provider to IT companies, SEED Infotech through Induction Training, Project Based Training, Product Tool Consulting, Microsoft Software Consulting, Red Hat Specialization and Cloud, prepares a new onset of skills in the students
that makes them confident to face the industry and adapt to its rigorous changes. These courses are delivered by experts who have worked with Fortune 500 Companies and ensure preparing students in correlation to Big Data Analytics and other technologies. The company's services such as Training and Consulting in Information Technology, Project Management, and offering Staffing & Software Solutions are in tune with the advents of Big Data. "We at SEED Infotech function at processing this data into meaningful information that is required by the industry; and utilize this data for recruitments, trainings and offering solutions to the many big names of the corporate and IT industries," says Barhate.

Inculcating the latest pedagogies that are in-tune with the industry, SEED Infotech also helps in the transfer of candidates to the work frontier through its placements. Maintaining healthy relations and tie-ups with more than 500 companies all across the country; the organization safe lands a candidate to their desired job expertise at their dream companies. A very recent placement report disclosed by Barhate reports that 13 Students of SEED Infotech have been placed at Capgemini as Software Developers & Tech Support Executives and have been offered a starting salary packages of two lakhs per annum. Catering to the vastly prevalent issue of making graduates job ready, SEED Infotech has carved itself a niche in producing a rigorous workforce that adapts to all subjective changes of the industry. The company deems to establish its expertise in North India and cities of IT companies and to foray into the international market to determine the road map ahead for the coming years for the organization.