Redwood Associates: Providing a Path for a Future in Analytics

Gautam Munshi ,Co-Founder

Gautam Munshi


Data scientists are one of the most desirable professionals in the 21st century business landscape, owing to the exponential growth of the analytics industry in the global arena. NASSCOM predicts that the Analytics market in India would reach $2.3 billion by the end of 2017-18. Due to this level of unprecedented growth, coupled with a higher glamour quotient compared to other jobs, the analytics industry today looks extremely attractive to professionals who want to leverage this opportunity to upgrade their career profile. Gautam Munshi realized the importance of analytics at an early stage, recognizing the opportunity long before it became a trend, and co-found Redwood Associates – an Analytics firm. However, he also realized that there was a massive shortage of skilled professionals in the area of analytics
and hence established the Analytics Training Institute – the education arm of Redwood Associates. Over the past 5 years, the institute, which was a pioneer in analytics education in the country, has trained approximately 10,000 individuals across the globe, both online and offline.

"The career opportunities are huge as analytics is applied across multiple verticals regardless of the industry or stream," says Munshi. Due to the demand for meaningful data from the immense quantity of data generated from the creation and transfer of digital information, there has been drastic scaling up of job opportunities in the field of analytics. "While the analytics business is expanding like never before, people, who have a sound understanding of analytics, will obviously have wide opportunities that will only continue to grow," claims Munshi. The institute provides courses that cover the entire gamut of analytics tools like Hadoop, Excel, SAS, VBA, R, SQL, and a comprehensive analytics techniques course that covers topics like Logistic Regression, Cluster & Factor Analysis all the way up to Text Analytics & Machine Learning.

One of the major differentiators for the Analytics Training Institute, apart from their cutting edge courses, is the expertise and experience of its faculty
who combine both industry work experience and academic roles to deliver their best in the class room. That knowledge is only as good as its application is a maxim that ATI strongly adheres to. To further supplement this philosophy and approach, the faculty has created an impressive repository of original case studies in myriad business domains that helps the students understand how they can employ analytics in their own professional lives by learning real world applications using real world data. "This exercise allows trainees to improve their knowledge immensely," says Munshi.

The impressive success achieved by the institute early on caught the attention of many organizations who wished to train their employees in the field of analytics. Till date, ATI has trained almost 300 corporates and its relationship with many of the most reputed firms has, over the years, evolved from being a Training Provider to becoming a Strategic Value Enhancer.

With a commitment to constantly innovate and adopt the best of what technological progress affords, Analytics Training Institute is set to introduce ATI Live, a two-way virtual classroom where students, irrespective of their global locations, can learn and interact with the faculty in real-time.