Pristine InfoSolutions: Engineering Hack-Proof Solutions

Rizwan Shaikh,   CTO & Founder

Rizwan Shaikh

CTO & Founder

Ethical Hacking is one of the most coveted jobs in the security industry with Information security spending forecasted to grow a further 8.2 percent from the existing growth of 18.9 percent in 2015 to reach a whopping $76.9 billion, according to Gartner. Realizing the revolutionary change in the market Pristine InfoSolutions, a provider of services in the area of Information Security Training and Cyber Knowledge, provides key courses in the areas of cyber security services and solutions. "Pristine has trained over 30,000 students across India and has delivered more than 500 seminars and workshops in colleges and corporate to bring awareness," says Rizwan Shaikh, CTO & Founder, Pristine Info Solutions. The company boasts of over 150 corporate and educational clients and has tested and patched over 500 websites, making them hack-proof.

Renowned as one of India's foremost cyber security researcher and ethical hacking expert, Shaikh founded the company to provide courses that enable individuals to enter the cyber security world as
an ethical hacker/cyber security expert. The certification courses such as CISEH, CPTE, CCEI, CAAD offered by Pristine emphasize on practical learning and collaborative sessions ensuring a holistic learning environment for the students. The course substance of Certified Information Security and Ethical Hacking are redesigned consistently to guarantee that every participant is aware of the current threats to organization's networks and systems. Composed and taught by Information Security veterans, Certified Information Security and Ethical Hacking courses cover an expansive range of security subjects with real life case studies.

On an average over 75 students enrolls in a month solely for certified Information Security and Ethical Hacking Certifications

"Whether you are a Fresher or an accomplished proficient, our Ethical Hacking Course (CISEH) is the main preparing module which covers all parts of defense and attacks in the Cyber World which will distinguish you from the group to wind up as the most sought after IT Security Professional in the country," asserts Shaikh. Ethical hacking has turned into a crucial piece of IT security industry today with expanding utilization of the web and worries about its security, pertaining concerns such as purchaser data or private points of interest.
On an average over 75 students enroll in a month solely for Certified Information Security and Ethical Hacking certifications. The training center proudly displays 100 percent placement records as of today. The only exceptions are few candidates who are already working for top IT Security projects of Government of India, and join the course in search of knowledge. The cyber security knowledge provider delivers enterprise standard training for corporate workforce as per specific needs. "Our corporate training service is highly effective for training employees, IT team or a group of individuals who work together as a team. We help organization to reduce risk and enhanced competitive advantage by protecting their information assets and providing positive assurance on governance," says Shaikh.

More than half the government departments and ministries websites in India are vulnerable to hacking and data theft. More than 800 government websites have reportedly been hacked (defaced) in the last 5 years. Pristine is setting up the Biggest Hacking Center of India in Mumbai with an aim of mitigating all these hacking threats on Defense System of the country. At present the company has training centers at Mumbai (Bhandup, Kalyan and BKC), Ahmedabad, Pune, Indore, Bhopal, Canada and Toronto. Their mission in the near future is to become the world's leading organization for talent development through quality training programs and delivering smart, next-generation business solutions to overcome enterprise challenges.