Infouniv@Business: Creating Experts in the Field of Business Analytics

Shauvik Nandi,CEOOver the past couple of years, Big Data and Analytics has been a game changer in both the business and technology world. According to NASSCOM, the investment in analytics software is likely to reach $ 51 billion by 2016. However, massive human resource shortage has proven to be the Achilles heel in the Big Data revolution. Shauvik Nandi, CEO of Kolkata based Infouniv@Business – a provider of Big Data and Analytics certification courses, says, "Judging by the industry trends and the forecasts made by agencies such as NASSCOM, it is evident that the Big Data and Analytics market in India is growing at an exponential rate. Hence, the demand for professionals who specialize in the same is massive and growing with each passing day."

By providing courses in R programming , hadoop and big data,infouniv @ business is one of the leading professional training organization in india that guides working professional as well as fresh gradutes inreiventing them selves in the field of analytics

By providing courses in R Programming, Hadoop and Big Data, Infouniv@Business is one of the leading professional training organizations in India that guides working professionals as well as fresh graduates in reinventing themselves in the field of analytics. The faculty to student ratio which is 1:6 allows the institute to provide focused knowledge transfer for every student attending the programs. “We believe that smaller classrooms make the learning process more effective as the trainers can provide their undivided attention to each student and answer all the queries through individual interactions,” says Nandi.
The institute has managed to employ a good number of professionals with an experience of three to five years in the field of Big Data and Analytics as faculty members. For maximum utilization of practical knowledge possessed by the faculty members, they have built state-of-the-art facilities wherein they ensure that the trainees are able to handle real-time scenarios in the market. “We use a curriculum that encourages both trainees and trainers to take up the challenges of solving real time business scenarios. These practical learning sessions are effective for the students as they can understand and absorb the knowledge and skill sets more easily,” claims Nandi.

Due to the quality training provided by Infouniv@Business, companies such as Indian Oil, Orica, ITC and others often approach the institute to train their employees in the field of Big Data and Analytics. The institute has also achieved 73 percent in job placements. With the year on year success it is achieving, Nandi and his team at Infouniv@Business have already established their presence in Thailand and Bangladesh and hope to set up its own Big Data center in Singapore and Myanmar in the near future.