IIHT: Bridging the IT Skill Gap

Keshava Raju,   Group MD & CEO

Keshava Raju

Group MD & CEO

SiliconIndia caught up with Keshava Raju, Group MD & CEO, IIHT, a first-generation entrepreneur who established IIHT at the ripe age of 21. After spearheading the company past many milestones over the past 22 years in the ability of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, he believes that there is a long way to go. Read on to find a few snippets of our interaction.

1. What prompted you to start IIHT?

IT was poised to not just be a boom but a trend that all businesses would have to embrace unfailingly to sustain and expand. This would undoubtedly mean that the need for quality manpower will far outweigh the supply. This inspired and instigated the inception of IIHT, to bridge the IT skill gap, thereby enhance employability through quality vocational education. Today, the scenario is that there is ample opportunity, but little employability, and IIHT is here to address the equation.

2. Can you tell us about some of the major milestones that you have achieved in the journey so far?

We started out with 1 centre. Today IIHT is an IT training powerhouse with 200 centers spanning 20 countries. IIHT is today the preferred choice for Corporate Training with over 250 Corporate, out which many are amongst the Fortune 500 category. Our client list comprises of names such as Accenture, HP, and Wipro. IIHT today is a reputed name in international markets where we work actively with individuals and corporate alike.

3. What are some of the highlights of your course content? Do you provide placement assistance?

IIHT offers an array of certifications and various courses across technologies such as Networking, Java, Android, Dot Net, Big Data and many more. The benefit that students gain is essentially a job-based learning curriculum. IIHT also provides Cloud Services for a diverse clientele.
This has enabled us to equip students with the best of real world knowledge rather than textbook literature. In fact, IIHT offers Cloud Training on the Cloud it self. So students learn cloud on the cloud. The course is designed in such a way that entire course content ensures comprehensive learning from the fundamental level. The new gen cloud course from IIHT creates awareness to deliver and support the IT services using some best practices and approaches. The course starts with Enterprise Power Desktop Environments, configuring, administering & troubleshooting Windows clients, configuring administering & troubleshooting Red Hat Linux clients, and troubleshooting Cisco Routers & Switches, configuring VPN and WAN, and administering VLAN.

Having been in the Indus try for over 2 decades , IIHT retains the best of talent for imparting knowledge

The curriculum further covers configuring, administering and troubleshooting Windows Server, configuring and managing DAS, NAS and SAN and configuring, troubleshooting and managing the cluster. It also addresses fundamental concepts of storage, recognizing terminology and concepts of AWS platform, and navigating Management Console amongst various other aspects. However, Virtualization is the most important module. It covers configuring, administering and troubleshooting of server virtualization of different platform; Microsoft based Server Virtualization solution, VMware based Server Virtualization solution, Citrix based Server Virtualization solution, and Citrix based Desktop Virtualization solution.

The Cloud Course completion does not only provide the certificate of IIHT Certified Cloud Engineer, but also brings with it the knowledge gained with over 15 certifications to ensure that many job roles open up to students. About 20 job roles have been matched during the development of this course. A combination of all these factors ensures that fresh students are employable immediately on course completion.

The curricula covers end to end management spectrum of in place infrastructure to virtual infrastructure on cloud. The students not only become proficient in designing and managing cloud infrastructure, the sheer depth of training also makes them very proficient
in managing inplace legacy environments. The course is a future proof curriculum ensuring the students get the widest range of possible job opportunities in IT Industry.

5. Tell us about the strength of your trainers.

Having been in the industry for over 2 decades, IIHT retains the best of talent for imparting knowledge. All trainers have to be IIHT-certified to commence their association with IIHT. The trainers undergo numerous training programs at regularly to ensure that they are abreast with the evolving industry trends and the recruitment scenario. The trainers are not just experts in the respective technology, but also bring a strong expertise in training methodologies. At regular intervals, reputed opinion leaders and subject experts are brought in for knowledge dissemination in the form of workshops.

6. What are the benefits for your clients?

Our courses are versatile. The courses can be fit into various models to meet various budgets, and custom-designed based on the organizational and learning objectives. IIHT is among the pioneers to have developed an outcome-based pricing model for companies. IIHT is also engaged in transforming talent across experience levels right from inductees up to highly experienced professionals. IIHT has a wide array of courses crossing the 2500 mark when it comes to Corporate Training which include elementary programs spanning up to high-end niche technologies. On an average, about 6,000 students undergo training at IIHT worldwide every month. All the courses come with certifications and affiliations with world leaders such as CompTIA, Red Hat, Microsoft, SMU and others ensure that these are recognized and valued world wide. These certifications don't just enhance the value of the resume but actually develop skill sets that can be applied during job because of the professional training approach.

7. What is the road map ahead?

IIHT is looking to strengthen its position in the market. Our domestic plans comprise of organic and inorganic approaches. New business models have been devised to suit the time-poor investor. On the international front, IIHT is making inroads into Latin America and Southern Asia. All of this is still based on one simple founding principle, as cliché as it may sound, to make students employable in the IT domain and meet the rigorously niche demands of today's increasingly demanding employer.