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Aamir & Imran,   Co-founder

Aamir & Imran


In their best-selling book, Six Sigma for Marketing Processes: An Overview for Marketing Executives, Leaders, and Managers, Clyde M. Creveling, Lynne Hambleton, and Burke McCarthy revealed that almost half of the top one hundred Fortune 500 companies adopt the Six Sigma system in at least some part of their business. Six Sigma's increasing relevance can be observed from this phenomenon. Leading the way in this arena is IAL Global, an organization that imparts training and guidance with conviction.

Started by two driven individuals in 2013, Aamir - who holds credentials in Six Sigma, PRINCE2, Cloud Computing and MBA and Imran Syed - with certifications in ITIL, PRINCE2 and MBA, the company's founding story is quite fascinating. Before the beginning of IAL Global, Aamir and Imran were two independent professionals with rich experience in working with corporate giants such Accenture, Standard Charted Bank and Aditya Birla Minacs. When the duo decided to use their expertise collaboratively to build a learning platform for professionals across the globe, IAL Global was born, which in quick time became the recipient of 'Fastest Growing SME in Educational Institutions sector' awarded by KSMBOA. Talking about the future of IAL Global, Aamir says, "We have ambitious and expansive plans for our organization. Those plans comprise setting up centres across all the major countries in the world and introducing more than two hundred courses with complete Virtual Class room facility."

Unlike many Indian entrepreneurial journeys, the founder's initial target was the Australian market. However, with over 50 employees today, they have branches in countries as diverse as Middle East, England, New Zealand and the U.S. apart from well-established centres in India and Australia.Imran, the Co-founder and Director of the rapidly expanding IAL Global explains, "Our vision is to help professional
across the globe in their career growth and with that intent we have introduced blended modules of both E-Learning and Physical classroom trainings." There are numerous courses available in this academy which caters to people working in several diverse fields. These certifications come in attractive packages too. Some of the prominent ones other than Six Sigma include PMP, PMI-ACP, PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner, CAPM, ITIL Foundation to Expert Level, All of these courses are certified and accredited by respected bodies such as APMG and PMI-USA. This effectively means that they are recognized globally. Normally, these courses only consume a short span of time ranging from two days to three weeks, depending upon the course.

the foundation of any academy lies with the trainers and experienced faculty, particularly in foreign countries like Australia. Aamir elucidates, "After carefully researching through various business portals, we hired highly experienced trainers to assist the learners. The faculty include a few who were recruited directly from eminent Fortune 500 companies." Guest lectures by iconic entrepreneurs and CEO's of technological giants are also a vital part of the program. On the other hand, the learners are also experienced working professionals from reputed companies. Usually, experienced candidates with an extensive knowledge in core subjects are preferred. Often, managers and chief technical officers of numerous concerns enlist in this academy to receive certified courses.

The manner of study can also be chosen according to the convenience of the learner. The academy offers classes in company premises and runs the public batches in more than 50+ countries across the globe. Plans also exist to expand the courses online. This has been made possible because of the tireless efforts of the faculty who are able to adjust their schedule depending upon the candidate's. On-site training workshops are also frequently conducted on a monthly basis which focuses mainly on the practical side of things keeping in mind the requirements of the trainee and the company and, these workshops are economically feasible too.

The study materials are readily available in hard copies and a separate
support team can be accessed anytime through emails, chat and telephone. This has ensured that the success rate of the trainees usually exceeds 98 percent and these certification courses are guaranteed to provide salary hikes in reputed companies. The secret behind this success rate is that these certifications focus primarily on imparting the necessary practical skills involved in the operation of prestigious corporate establishments. Thereby, the trainees are inevitably satisfied with the content and outcome of the programs once they complete them.

IAL Global also operates as a private company which undertakes projects from various organizations on several domains like Project Management, Agile Methodologies, IT Service Management and Quality Management. The services arm of the company compliments the training arm by conducting extensive research on the topics beforehand and developing material in accordance with the needs of the corporation. This is achieved by utilizing the most recent technology that is available in the market. The company has served thousands of clients from different sectors which include Banking, Information Technology Consulting, Oil and Gas and Health Care Facilities. Looking at the growth rate from past one year in the field of learning, IAL Global was awarded fastest growing SME (KSMBOA), seems to be well on their way in achieving the crown of world-class learning centre for professionals across the globe.

IAL Global Inviting Investors to Invest on US

Following extensive research and carrying out business in the Middle East, the U.S., Europe and Asian countries, we have every reason to believe that these geographical locations have the potential to increase the revenue due to the huge corporate presence, available businesses and need for certifications.

We are fully aware that Indian investors take pride in helping small businesses grow. With your help in setting up local offices in all the major cities across the globe and with our service offerings, we can turn our growing business into a thriving one. We intend this to be a symbiotic relationship where we benefit from your investment and you as investors, our patrons and delighted professionals associated with a flourishing brand across the globe.