Cronos SAP Education Center: Creating a new Era of Opportunities in SAP Education & cloud learning

  Karl-Josef Errens, Director and Board Member of cronos

Karl-Josef Errens

Director and Board Member of cronos

The market for SAP cloud and software business in India is reported to grow to over $2 Billion by the end of 2015 Q4. The world's largest business software maker is also projected to increase recruitment in the Indian market by 69 percent.This is news worthy of celebration for Karl-Josef Errens, a German citizen and the Director and Board Member of cronos Consulting India. Founded in 1991 in the Westphalian university city of Münster, cronos Group has been a partner of SAP AG since 1995. Today, the group consists of nine companies at six locations in Germany, one location in Austria, one location in Canada and two locations in India, Trivandrum and Bangalore.

cronos was setup in India as subsidiary by cronos Group, Germany, as part of its global expansion to conduct consulting operations. However, the initial challenge of identifying talented employees who are capable of dealing with SAP consulting, implementation and support impelled them to use their German expertise for training more people in the SAP platform. As a result, they established their SAP Education Center, which became the first authorized SAP partner in Trivandrum, Kerala to provide career services for the SAP ERP professional community.
Errens says, "SAP education in India is a growing market. While many more companies in power and energy sector are upgrading to SAP systems, Cronos as an industry leader in utilities and energy,industry leader in utilities and energy, wanted to utilize this market opportunity and the SAP trained resources by equipping the professional to meet the market needs."

Being an authorized training partner for SAP education, cronos has played a key role in bridging the gap between the need of the industry for skilled professionals and the education required to produce highly qualified candidates. They provide an intensive and comprehensive hands-on training program on SAP ERP products and business applications leading to SAP certification through their SAP education strategy that equips PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians) with a combination of vertical SAP ERP application domain knowledge and horizontal ERP applications implementation management skills. This approach produces very productive professionals who can be very competitive in the industry. Along with that, the company's experiential learning model, which seamlessly combines practical academic and certification programs, extensively uses SAP ERP itself as the learning tool and helps the students to get a quick entry into this industry.

"With our experience and with the help of SAP course models, e-learning on the modules, trainer and online based modules, helps fresher's in quickly under standing the SAP modules and also the application of SAP in the industry, which creates an employment gateway for them upon course completion," claims Errens. Cronos is not only an education partner/ training center, but also
carries out implementation, consulting and support of SAP, which makes the center a unique brand in the market when compared to other training partners in the country. This has further helped them have customized training courses meeting the complete need of the utilities and industries from their first hand experiences.

While, on an average, five to ten new candidates enroll for the cronos SAP program in a month, their new cloud learning course (learning hub), attracts 100 to 300 students in a month. Education Institution or universities also can now become a partner for B1 SAP program or for the latest cloud based learning program- 'learning hub,' which will enable the institutions to offer SAP education in the campus itself.

In next couple of years cronos would be expanding their education centers across the country, building the brand for cronos. "As more projects are being announced by Govt. of India for development in all areas like Smart cities, Smart Grids, e-governance and improvement of IT in all sectors, it is important that we should have skilled resources for supporting such a large scale deployments and implementations, hence bring lot of employability and skill development even to support global projects," says Karl Josef Errens. While, the company's growth in the proven platform like SAP is expected to scale up smoothly as the market looks brighter for the next few years, the prospective SAP consultants can expect the next era of opportunities in SAP Industry. Indeed, that is the motto of Cronos, 'Serve our customers with best of the SAP solutions and to support in running their business.'