Cognitel Training Services: Leaders in ICT learning

Rajeev Kabra,   Director and CEO

Rajeev Kabra

Director and CEO

The worldwide ICT spending is set to reach $3.8 trillion in 2015, a 2.4 percent increase from 2014, according to Gartner. Recognizing this growth in the market is Cognitel Training Services, a consulting and training services provider in Telecom and IT. The company has established itself as the go-to training services provider with over 4000 hours of rich learning content across 150 unique programs covering a variety of topics on Telecommunication and Information Technology. “Cognitel offers flexible learning mechanisms that range from traditional classroom learning models, to the use of cutting edge technology to deliver live virtual classes and self-paced e-learning,” says Rajeev Kabra, Director and CEO, Cognitel Training Services.

Kabra boasts that the company has one of the largest course portfolios
in the ICT domain covering both technical and management courses. Their telecommunications courses cover both Active telecom infrastructure (Radio Access Networks, Transmission and IP technologies, and Core networks) and Passive Infrastructure (Towers, Optical, and Fiber). While their courses on IT cover areas such as Server, Storage, Router, Switches, Cloud computing and Programming languages. The company also delivers courses on Project and Program management, Quality, ITIL, Scrum, and Agile and has necessary accreditation from certifying bodies. These courses are consumed in over 15 countries across more than 18000 learners.

Cognitel leaders have had long and successful careers with companies like IBM, Nokia, Ericsson and Wipro. “Our collective wisdom helps us understand our customer requirements better and helps us achieve outcome based learning. Our approach to learning and development has made us trusted partners for large organizations, channel partners and individual consumers,” says Kabra. Their trainers possess 7 to 30 years of industry experience. They are not academicians rather; they are professionals who come from reputed companies in the IT and Telecom sector where they have gained significant experience with technologies and products.
These experts leverage their specialized experience to develop content that is very contextual and helps them deliver outcome based learning.

A Varied Student Base

Owing to its attractive courses Cognitel receives students from across the globe. Their student base ranges from fresh graduates to individuals who are already working in well established organizations. The fresh graduates reach their doorsteps in search of becoming employable and the working professionals for up-skilling or cross-skilling to improve their current standing. The company has developed a pragmatic system of course delivery that helps students immensely. “We believe in the Practice as you learn methodology. Our learners not only take theoretical classes from the domain experts but also get practical exposure on the equipments,” reveals Kabra.

Through their strong domain expertise and flexible methods of course delivery, the company has been able to establish itself as a preferred learning partner for large companies across the globe. “We are now on a mission to make quality education all pervasive and available to millions of individual consumers”,concludes Kabra.