Amitysoft Technologies: Precision is Key in Content Delivery

Jayakumar KR, CEOSoftware testing budgets are on the rise, especially in the sectors of energy & utilities (E&U) and transportation, these domains will be spending 27 percent and 31 percent of their budgets on QA and Testing. It has also been observed that most of the organizations are allocating more than 40 percent of their IT budget towards quality assurance and software testing domains, according to Gartner. This is welcome news for QA and software testing professionals across the country, however, a training institute forecasted this trend in the early 90's and is reaping the benefits now. "Software testing and quality assessment is a $13 Billion market today. Amitysoft was established with the vision of becoming the 'messiah for the global software mess' and we established ourselves as the country's first career program in software quality and testing in 1998,"

Jayakumar recollects that not only did the training program, established in '98, fulfill Amitysoft's requirements as originally conceived but also the large scale absorption of their students by the industry led them to focus on the training and develop it over the years in tune with technology and industry needs. The company today provides popular certifications to advanced diploma programs in software testing. The courses cover manual testing, principles and practices of testing, automated test tools using commercial and open source tools, mobile, big data and cloud testing. Software Quality Assurance and Management is a course provided by Amitysoft which is yet to be duplicated by any other institution.
says Jayakumar KR, CEO, Amitysoft Technologies - ERP, QA & Training Company. The course provides a foundation on the 'preventive' aspects of software quality and covers software engineering processes and various International Standards and models such as CMMI, ISO 9001 for software, COSMIC Function Point and Six Sigma for software services. Typically people with work experience join these courses to shift their careers to testing and quality assurance. The company has recently forayed into big data analytics and ERP courses as they are major disruptive trends and have created myriad job opportunities. These courses provide back ground on cloud technology and hosted applications for enterprises with connectivity to mobile devices.

Software Quality Assurance and Management is Course Provide by Amitysoft

Upon being asked, Jayakumar revealed that convincing people of the potential career in software testing and quality management was the biggest challenge, because it was unheard of at the time. "We had the emotional backing of key industry veterans and members of professional bodies who felt that we are filling up a critical gap in the training industry and supported us to sustain over the initial nebulous period. The scene changed when our initial batches of students were out and took up well paid jobs in the industry," he adds. Word of mouth from the students and recognition by the HR and Quality group heads of IT industry helped further development of the course resulting in training large number of students.

Trained by Experts

The institute believes in an instructor led teaching where the delivery of the course is a 'complete' experience for students like the ancient 'Gurukul' system. Accommodating to individuals strength and weakness and playing it right to every batch of students is key to maximum effectiveness.
"Guru-sishya way of approaching to training is key to our teaching," says Jayakumar.

Students are taught with the objective of improving their knowledge, skill and ability. The company boasts of providing the best content pertaining to the knowledge quotient and has several thought out hands-on exercises in order to improve their students' skills. Scenario based discussions and problem solving sessions related to the industry context, develop abilities of students to apply concepts on the job are some of the skills that are taught during the training. Quiz, case study, presentations and tests are part of evaluation methods to provide feedback to students. Hand holding is provided to weaker but highly motivated students in terms of personal counseling and extra tuition.

In-order to monitor appropriate delivery of courses, the senior members periodically interact with the batches to ascertain whether students are progressing as expected. These interventional strategies help make mid-course corrections pertaining to delivery gaps, if any. Every faculty member logs into a delivery report on daily basis where in the variations with respect to plans and observations requiring attention by senior are brought out. In addition to this, a formal feedback system is in place where students' remarks are analyzed and acted upon on monthly basis during senior management review.

"We have stories of dramatic transformation of road side salesman, motor cycle mechanic to average Bachelor of Arts graduate to highly recognized IT professional in large IT companies," reminisces Jayakumar. The thriving training and services provider believes in a conservative notion of scalability affecting quality of delivery, this has been the primary reason for their slow expansion. However, learning has provided means to expand their retails delivery models to various cities in India with which, Amitysoft Technologies is planning to roll out 18 new centers across India within the next two years.