Profit From It: Building Proficient Market Players through Practical Training Approach

Piyush J Patel,Managing Director

Piyush J Patel

Managing Director

The stock-marketing has emerged as a leading business strategy today, where people are investing just a few hours of their day to earn a greater return. However, there is a catch; it is a business that has both profit & loss. Indeed, the possible chances of suffering a loss are more, if an individual is not well trained. This scenario calls for comprehensive training in trading and investment to reduce risk for traders. Profit From It a stock market trading institute, offers comprehensive trading courses for novice and experienced investors & traders who want to learn the professional trading techniques and receive a safer & a better return through the stock market.

A Unique Approach
This Vadodara-based firm aims to simplify the process and reduce risk by building a strong knowledge base in each investor through its range of financial products & services that include stock broking, research, technical analysis education, wealth management, broking & distribution, and equity strategies. Profit From It provides unique strategies to understand, identify and segregate growing industries, which play a crucial role in stock market investment. This practical training approach differentiates the firm from its competitors.
Today, while most of the training institutes focus only on technical analysis, only a few covers the fundamental analysis. Profit From It being one of the few provides a deep knowledge on fundamental analysis and helps students predict the future value of the stock and determine if the stock is over valued or undervalued.

We are dedicated to imparting individuals with worldwide stock market education with a vision to enhance their lives, achieve their dreams and build wealth from the stock market

“Most of the neophyte investors, ranging from students to house wives, and doctors, don’t have thorough knowledge in finance functions other than the basic transactions.We are dedicated to imparting individuals with worldwide stock market education with a vision to enhance their lives, help them achieve their dreams and build wealth from the stock market,”states Piyush J Patel, Managing Director, Profit From It. With a clientfirst attitude, ethical & transparent business practices, respect for professionalism, research based value investing and implementation of cutting-edge technology Profit From It covers the entire range of stock market courses.

Dedicated Offerings
Currently, Profit From It is offering its training services in the form of seminars and workshops across 17 major cities in India. The firm conducts awareness meetings and a free-of-cost three hour session/seminar to discuss the latest trends of the economy and industries. Besides, it also offers a three full-day practical workshop on technical(two days)& fundamental (one day) analysis to those candidates who are looking to improve their investment strategies. Additionally, the firm also offers derivative training, technical analysis training, quarterly results updates and webinars on different present day subjects. It also has a YouTube channel that is regularly updated with industry news and training modules.

Being a hub of trade and stock market information, Profit From It envisages to become the biggest and trustworthy name in the domain. Looking ahead, the company plans to expand its services to 53 cities and provide all of its training digitally as well, so that people from rural areas can learn online.