Poornatha: Making World-class Knowledge in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Business Functions Accessible to SME & MSME Entrepreneurs

Suresh T & Kaushal Singh R D,Co-FoundersIn India, MSMEs account for nearly 30 percent of the GDP, but there is hardly any support system for MSME entrepreneurs in skill building for efficient management of business affairs. These typical dynamic entrepreneurs have not only limited and inadequate grasp of basic financial concepts and lag structured decision-making capabilities, but also have little knowledge on the roles of leadership for small businesses. In view of this, Poornatha strives to evoke leadership and training programs focused to handle the `Know-how' and `Know What' of entrepreneurship for MSME entrepreneurs.

This active member of MADE renders world-class knowledge in entrepreneurship, leadership, business functions to MSME entrepreneurs and organization in the form of small, bite-sized, easy to use programs (online & offline) and service offerings. At Poornatha, every program is built on SIP (Simple, Interactive and Practical), step-by-step approach is implemented enabling entrepreneurs to understand the core and `must know' concepts in business numbers, management, and leadership.

Atop, the programs are offered in the vernacular (regional) language along with English which makes it easier for entrepreneurs to understand and internalize. "Journey in Joy" a 100-hour flagship program of Poornatha primarily focuses on leadership, human resources, and business numbers, helped impact the lives of 27 entrepreneurs and 1850 employees across 7 sectors in 8 districts.

Contrary to usual, Poornatha doesn't indulge
in giving out solutions, rather helps entrepreneurs to identify their business problems and engineer solutions on their own. "We are not only interested in active participation of the entrepreneurs in the classroom through instructional tools, course material and relatability via the use of examples and case studies, but also render them an opportunity to access to consumable and apply the gained knowledge (practical knowledge) to their own business immediately and as follow up work," said Suresh T and Kaushal Singh R D, Co-Founders, Poornatha when asked about their unique proposition.

Poornatha's entire range of products are offered via two segments: sponsorship-based and direct model. In sponsorship model, the company associates with partners organizations (sponsors) to facilitate the training program to the selected (by sponsoring organization) intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, whereas in direct model the programs curated are directly stepped out in the open market to engage MSME entrepreneurs and leaders.

Currently, Poornatha has partnered with Indian Bank and launched MSME Prerana to facilitate MSME entrepreneurs & customers of the bank and aiming to reach out to nearly 1500 entrepreneurs in the vernacular language during this FY. MSME Prerana has already impacted about 150 entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu and launched in Uttar Pradesh recently. MSME Prerana has managed to garner some limelight from eminent personalities across the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Poornatha passionately believes that to scale up a leadership training and development product, the key aspect would be to maintain content and its quality standards. To achieve the same, the company implements a 20-step process with process owners and ably trained and spirited staff who handle the process and select the content and bucketed the process of quality under Content, Delivery and Engagement, and Facilitation.

Each of these buckets consists of a standard process to rate and rank and the stakeholders. The reliable teaching mechanisms and the overall facilitation of knowledge under Poornatha further drive the company onto a leading platform, where the complete development of the MSME entrepreneurs is promised and attained.

This Madurai-based company has attained a massive reputation in the industry, complemented by its state-of-the-art infrastructure and a well-versed and extensively trained team of professionals, who are open to share their knowledge, experience and understanding of the global market with the entrepreneurs.

With these features, Poornatha has gained a revenue growth of 200 percent and aiming to double the number in 2021-2022 and 100 percent in FY 2022-2023. Besides this, the company is also planning to enter three international markets, launch at least two new services, and offer existing products in four more regional languages by this Fiscal.