Pairee Learning: Customized Corporate Training to suit your Training Needs

Chandrakanth B. N,Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chandrakanth B. N

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

In today's globalized world the need for impactful leadership is in high demand. The role of leaders is the most critical for building, supporting, and sustaining high-performance organizations. To build strong leadership capability within organizations, Bangalore-based Pairee Learning suggests customized programs that develop leaders at every stage of their leadership journey, from aspiring leaders to top executives. Pairee Learning, founded in the year 2016 is a division of Pairee Infotech.

Developed with the vision to help leaders evaluate and understand their core strengths and align their aspirations to the needs of their respective departments. Their leadership solutions provide organizations targeted training and coaching over an extended time, clear guidance, and a practical methodology.

Pairee Learning covers a wide array of leadership development topics like Strategic Leadership, Leveraging strengths and managing derailers, Influencing stakeholders, Mastering effective negotiation skills, Developing and sustaining executive presence, Mastering Feed forward and feedback skills, Creativity through Design Thinking and Building emotional intelligence.

Chandrakanth B N, Founder and CEO, Pairee Infotech shares, "The uniqueness of our leadership solution lies in its nature of combining real-life entrepreneurial and business experiences with behavioral psychology to help organizations enhance their leadership capabilities".

With their several years of experience in the
L&D field, the company offers journey-based transformational leadership programs that are tailored to help leaders aligned their behaviors with that of their organizations. All their leadership development programs incorporate real-world business challenges and insights that are extremely practical and help build a leader mindset.

Knowing that each organization is different and unique in their ways, the company imparts and designs appropriate experiential learning programs, aligning with organizational context, DNA, culture, and needs. The company's expertise lies in a journey-based approach, aiming to build sustainable positive results that will enable leaders and organizations to achieve greater success.

Jayita Roy, Head of Pairee Learning

"We are constantly looking at innovating and leveraging new technology to make our programs more impactful both from a content and delivery perspective. We ensure that our leadership solutions are tailored to the organization's needs and deliver real business-relevant leadership solutions. Providing relevant, simple, and powerful innovative solutions is part of our DNA", asserts Head of Pairee Learning, Jayita Roy.

Incorporating diverse experiences and providing a frame-work for leaders to achieve unparalleled growth in today's VUCA world, the company's diversified global team combines experiences of several decades of Real-Life Business, Entrepreneurship, Coaching, Training, Talent Management, and Behavioral Psychology across industries globally. The company has partnered with the Chicago-based company, Top Line Talent which brings a strong backing of a senior behavioral psychologist, immensely helping our participants by creating self-awareness.

"Our expertise lies in developing and delivering leadership solutions by incorporating real-world business challenges. We use more real-time examples/case studies from our own combined experiences for better understanding that can be put to immediate practice to mitigate those challenges. We use best-in-class digital technology for our workshops and coaching sessions and also have our facilities to provide experiential learning both outdoor and indoor. We have consistently grown year on year and with our dedication and commitment, want to be the No 1. "Leadership Development Organization" of India", concludes Chandrakanth B N.