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Wright brothers’ phenomenal invention of powered airplanes triggered the dawn of the Aviation Industry and the awakening of more Pilots, Ground Handlers, Flight Staff, Instructors and eventually Airplanes. From early 20th century to present, the Aviation Industry has brimmed with sophisticated airplanes and cutting-edge technologies; however, the sight of these mechanical birds raises a critical question - who will fly and manage them? Discerning the need for pilots and aviation workforce back in 1960s, Late Dr. K.C.G. Verghese (Founding Chairman, Hindustan Group of Institutions) connected the dots between aviation education and technological training to establish first-of-its-kind private entity, Hindustan Group of Institutions, in Chennai; the success of which further kindled the foundation of Orient Flights Aviation Academy (OFAA) by Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese, Director & CEO, Hindustan Group of Institutions. Today, OFAA is one of the most sought-after flight training school among aviation aspirants for its state-of-the-art simulators and heterogeneous aircrafts.

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Discovering an upsurge in air traffic, OFAA shifted its pilot training base from Pondicherry to Mysore as the city is an epitome for favorable flying conditions and suitable for training student pilots in an open arena, without disrupting commercial flying schedule. While the airfield is completely operational with a dedicated control tower by Airport Authority of India, the aviation school accords quality on-ground training through its advanced fleet of aircrafts, namely – Cessna 172 (five) Cessna 152 (two), and a multi-engine aircraft – Piper Seneca is being used by student candidates undergoing CPL training. These are leveraged in providing Private Pilot License (PPL), six-month course with at least 50 hours of flying. Alternatively for those aspiring to reserve Commercial Pilot License (CPL), a two-year program requiring minimum of 200 hours of flying, OFAA utilizes Piper Seneca III along with aforementioned aircrafts. Etching quality training in its educational framework, OFAA further brought in four simulators two of them from ALSIM, France, the AL50 and AL250 (multi-engine-simulator) to ensure increased training, which would ultimately end in more experienced pilots, and positive success rate at airline interviews.

Aviation education witnessed major makeshifts associated with revolutionary technologies and integrated training disciplines, analyzing which OFAA propped diversification as its mettle to overhaul ever-changing industry requisites and become one-stop-shop for all training, right from Cabin Crew and Ground Handling to Customer Service and Cargo Training. Besides PPL & CPL, OFAA offers an array of Aviation endorsement programs, inclusive of Pilot Orientation Program, Student Pilot License, Assistant Flight Instructor Rating, Flight Instructor Rating, Instrument Rating, Foreign License Conversion and Recency Flying, to name a few. An IATA certified organization, OFAA also offers IATA certification programs like Cabin Crew Training, Ground Staff Training and Air Ticketing.
Milton Huggins,Deputy Director - Corporate Affairs & Training

OFAA ensures that each pilot perfects aviation dexterity and practical competence by deploying extra hours on advanced simulators and practice flying in different scenarios

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The only private flying school with four simulators, which include the AL50 & AL250 simulators from ALSIM (three in Chennai and one in Mysore), OFAA ensures that each pilot perfects aviation dexterity and practical competence by deploying extra hours on advanced simulators and practice flying in different scenarios like cross country and night flying circumstances, as prescribed by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for commercial pilot training. Citing an instance, Milton Huggins, Deputy Director, Corporate Affairs & Training, OFAA, asserts, “We can Experience the real effects of weather and wind as it soars through gails, wind, rain, snow or even lightning and still know you are safe on land.

Simulators allow students to put in the rarest of combinations and practice take-off and landing in the most extreme of conditions and be prepared to face them in real life situations. Hence, these equipment help them gather situational experiences and become adept pilots with ace skills”. The institute has even signed a MoU with ALSIM, France to expand its simulator business, and aims to attain the common objective of attaining world-class internationally recognized pilot training standards in India.

Milton continues, “When it comes to aviation training, we are self-sufficient right from CPL to multi-engine ratings and simulator requirements. Everything at OFAA is hands-on training”. OFAA’s highly experienced flight instructors and ground trainers give each aviation enthusiast undivided, personalized attention to succor them in completing designated flying hours at a record pace and prepare them for various skill tests conducted by DGCA. The students are exposed to Computer Based Training (CBT) programs and online testing methodologies as well. Being a MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul), CAR-145 organization, OFAA not only educates pilots for commercial flying, but also enhances their engineering abilities pertaining to all aircrafts. In-house trained engineers deliver tech-centric trainings, which prove to be an extra hand for student pilots and help them in trouble-shooting aircraft problems without any delays.
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To be able to fly a mechanical bird is a technically complex profession, but OFAA ensures that every flight makes a perfect landing with complete precision. Concentrating on the students, OFAA trains them in a holistic spectrum for edifying situational awareness, quick decision-making skills, leadership finesse, confidence, teamwork and technical expertise.

OFAA provides classes for Hindi, foreign languages, Spoken English, Personality Development Grooming and invites industry experts for rendering self-Development sessions. On the flip side, calling different airlines’ HRs within the premises spins the placement wheel but the institute keeps the placement choice flexible and allows commercial pilots to explore opportunities as per their capabilities.

“Since commercial flying is the most sought-after Profession now, many aspirants complete CPL and prefer securing placement in private airlines. Most of our pilots are placed in companies that are best in the industry,” elucidates Milton. Placement of at least one engineer from Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology (One of the first Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College established in 1968) in almost every airline company in the world testifies the excellence and expertise delivered by Hindustan Group.

With a strong Alumni network spread across numerous countries, including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and many more, OFAA takes pride in conferring valuable contribution to aviation industry and has been recognized with prestigious ‘Best Institute of the Year in Aviation Training’ at Indian Education Awards 2017 and ‘Symbol of Excellence in Educating & Skilling India’s Future’ at ET – Best Education Brands 2017. Additionally, it was selected amongst ‘Fast 50 India’s Most Promising Brand 2017’ by Process Research and Evaluators of WCRC (World Consulting & Research Corporation). Exemplifying such excellence, no wonder, OFAA won the ‘Best Aviation Training Institute’ at Times Education Icons 2018.

On the expansion scale, the aviation school is planning to land new aircrafts such as Diamond (DA) 42, Cessna 172 four-seated & eight-seated jet aircrafts along with hiring experienced, Flight Instructors for quality practical training. “Because it is our 25th success year, we are planning to restart our Charter Operations and increase the fleet size by four-five aircrafts,” concludes Milton.

Key Management:
Milton Huggins, Deputy Director - Corporate Affairs & Training

An encyclopedia for adept training, Milton brings on-board effective strategies for integrating training modules with technological advancements. His vast business acumen plays a catalyst in escalating OFFA’s quality-centric, growth compass.

Locations: Mysore & Chennai

Courses Offered: Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Pilot Orientation Program, Student Pilot License, Cabin Crew Training, Ground Staff Training, Air Ticketing and several rating programs