Inspirus Education: Leading Young Minds toward their Aspiration with End-to-End Intelligent Solutions

Bakhtawar Krishnan, Founder & Director,Abhinav Gogoi, VP - Business Development & Outreach

Bakhtawar Krishnan, Founder & Director

Abhinav Gogoi, VP - Business Development & Outreach

Empowering budding aspirants to explore the possibilities towards their desired lives with an integrated coaching approach is Inspirus Education. The young and dynamic team carries the legacy of more than 20 years, with the organization having started their coaching program back in 1998. The organization strategizes towards understanding the students’ needs and enriches them with the right knowledge, ideas & opportunities, and finally trains them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. All the coaching programs provided by Inspirus are individualized to the needs of the student. “While classes happen in batches, unlimited doubt solving sessions always happen in a one-to-one setting by appointment of the student with the teacher, as doubts are always individual and can never be solved in groups,” emphasizes Abhinav B Gogoi, VP - Business Development & Outreach, Inspirus Education.

In addition to the coaching by teachers, all students are provided with mentors who guide the students to develop their profile from an early stage based on their goals. Further, to solve a particular exam, coaching
on its own does not give the bigger picture. In light of study abroad, the preparation for various standardized tests such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, UCAT, LNAT, LSAT, ACT, and PSAT provided by the organization is a small part of the whole application process, among many other things.

An Inspirus student achieved India’s very first 340/340 in GRE and their students regularly are above the 90th percentile mark in the GRE & GMAT. On an average, Inspirus students improve their final SAT score by 200 points up from their diagnostic score. In IELTS, the average score of 7.5/9.0 year on year stands out.

This success of the coaching classes translates also in to admissions counseling and sessions to understand what is required of them to apply abroad are part of the program. The admissions counseling program for UG, Masters or PhD is completely ethical and unbiased as it has no tie ups with any universities in the world, which sets Inspirus apart from their competitors. Therefore, it can independently help students achieve their dream universities as they provide the expertise for admissions in the top 100 universities in various countries across the world. Inspirus is one of the few consultants in India that works with students who desire to even go to Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Israel, Greece, France, besides the typical powerhouses such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 90 percent of their students are placed in top 100 universities and the cumulative worth of scholarships won by Inspirus students is close to Rs.94 crore in the last two years.

Since early 2019, to stay abreast with the new modes of learning and engagement of students, Inspirus was already focused on moving to the digitized mode and when the pandemic hit, it took no time to do so. “We have now managed to fully integrate the online mode of learning and counseling and have developed our own digital student and classroom management system as an extension to our existing CRM The iSMS. The system enables sharing of digital documents, mock tests, online books and quizzes and integrates audiovisual and digital aid for teaching and learning,” explains Abhinav. Inspirus has spread its footprints digitally across India, and inclusive of that, it also has students from Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, the US, and UAE. Inspirus caters to about 1000 students annually, and as it forges ahead it is devoting time to digitization and training human resources expecting an annual increase in the number of students to 3000 next year, and further increasing the number to 27000 in the next four years.