Aspiyer Career Advisory: Shaping The Careers Of Students, Ensuring A Bright Future

Pooja Iyer,Founder & CEO

Pooja Iyer

Founder & CEO

In today’s VUCA world and constantly changing job landscape, making a career choice is a mammoth task. With many roles becoming obsolete, new age career options and constantly evolving technology, mentorship and guidance is essential for students to identify the right career for themselves.

"We Sincerely Appreciate Their Service And Would Recommend Aspiyer For Guiding Young Minds In The Right Direction"

ASPIYER CAREER ADVISORY is an advisory firm that empowers students to discover their strengths, aptitudes and personality and match them to the right career choices. “I have always believed that to have a fulfilling and successful career one must understand themselves thoroughly. To convert your dreams and aspirations into reality requires one to be equipped with the right knowledge and tools. Therefore, with the intent of equipping students with the guidance and information required to succeed in their career, I established this company,” says Pooja Iyer, Founder & CEO of ASPIYER CAREER ADVISORY.

However, to earn a livelihood, along with following one’s passion there should also be a focus on practicality. Thus, ASPIYER helps students match their Passion with Profession. Students get to learn about the innumerable opportunities available in mainstream and newage careers. Ms. Pooja Iyer, a renowned Career Mentor and New-Age Career Specialist, has provided career guidance to over a thousand students across India. She has always been passionate about the education sector, because she believes that learning is life long, and she is happy to be playing a role in shaping the future leaders

of tomorrow.

ASPIYER has a target demographic of Grade 9 onwards till post graduation and provides extremely informative data for all age groups. “Research shows that 93% of Indian students know only about the major professions like Medicine, Law, Engineering etc. Most students are not even aware of the various other professions available in the market today. There fore, ASPIYER aims to spread awareness of the various job opportunities and career prospects through webinars and seminars in different schools and colleges to help students understand the variety of careers present,” Pooja adds.

Aspiyer Aims To Spread Awareness Of The Various Job Opportunities And Career Prospects Through Webinars And Seminars In Different Schools And Colleges To Help Students Understand The Variety Of Careers Present

ASPIYER thus takes students on a career discovery journey to enable them to gain an in depth understanding of which career path works best for their skills and abilities. The process of mentoring is thus an important aspect for the firm which is taken care of by certified and expert counsellors through personalised counselling sessions, career deep dives, psychometric assessments and enhanced learning. They conduct profile building programs through strengths evaluation, identify the best fit programs, and create skill engagement roadmaps. They also educate students on study abroad opportunities and help them select the best university and country, providing comprehensive application support and scholarship opportunities.

Pooja believes that individual attention is essential for career identification as well as growth. ASPIYER provides that attention with immense dedication from the moment they meet their students. Pooja has been appreciated by both parents and students for her extensive knowledge hard work, and commitment to her job. “Pooja was approachable at any point of time and she listened with great patience, which made my daughter very comfortable. We sincerely appreciate their service and would recommend ASPIYER for guiding young minds in the right direction, confidently says a parent. This defines how ASPIYER is just the appropriate place for students to build a strong and successful future.