Mudit Saxena: Empowering Businesses, Teams & Individuals to Deliver 10X Results

Mudit Saxena,  Managing Director & CEO

Mudit Saxena

Managing Director & CEO

Today information is available to anyone who seeks it. Google and YouTube provide information on every topic under the sun. People read, watch videos and get inspired for a while, but go back to their original selves and behaviour. There is no change or transformation because each of us tends to act based on our past beliefs, experiences, and knowledge. Unfortunately, what got us here will not take us to the next level, or at the very least, it will take a long time. Our minds and thinking come in the way of our growth and taking action. This is where Mudit Saxena a C-suite leader with three decades of business and life experience comes in. To empower businesses, teams and individuals; to transform and deliver 10x results. He works with clients to help them rewire their thinking & brains to create lasting change. He empowers clients to get over their own mental resistance ( fears, deep rooted beliefs ), rewire their brain in terms of thinking and empowers them to achieve their goals by realising their potential.

Mudit Saxena, is an international CXO Leadership, Mindfulness Coach, Facilitator, KeyNote Speaker and Mentor. He is a John Mattone certified coach (John was Steve Jobs' coach), an ICF Certified Coach, and trained by Tony Robbins, Blair Singer, and SIY - Seach Inside Yourself (Mindfulness programme developed in Google). He is the founder of and

He is also the founder of the Life and Leadership show (interviews successful people across the spectrum on what they learnt on their journey to success).

With his vast global C Suite experience as a business leader and his ability to deliver results as a coach, facilitator and mentor, he has a global clientele. He empowers Startup Founders, to 'Scale without Chaos' as they build their unicorns; Small Business Owners, to 10x their company's growth; large Organisations (MNCs, Governments etc.), to become more productive, emotionally intelligent, and mindful, resulting in better results and improved employee engagement, CXOs to become even more successful with executive presence, focus, emotional intelligence an purpose; and individuals to undertake'transformation' to create a “Life by design”, excel in their careers, deliver high performance, and live meaningful lives.

His diverse portfolio comprises of a)Leadership Interventions, b) Coaching (Executive,Team and life), c) Mindfulness programs d) Keynote Speaking, and e) Retreats. What differentiates his interventions are that they are based on Neuroscience, Emotional intelligence, application ofinternationally proven concepts, realworld experiences, implementable takeaways, and the ability to deliver results. In addition, he combines proprietary research on CXOs and models, such as the APP Model, to consistently achieve the greatest results for his customers. In a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment that is fast-paced and ephemeral, these interventions assist both organisations and leaders in life & leadership situations.

He empowers business/organisations, to build competencies aligned to strategy and vision, become more productive, emotionally intelligent, deliver results, find purpose,improve employee engagement, teamwork, and demonstrate compassionate leadership.

Mudit empowers leaders to improve focus, take better/ optimal decisions, achieve goals, deliver 10x performance, discover purpose and get clarity of vision. Leaders learn to 'Respond rather than react' to any stimulus from the environment. Amidst the many priorities they learn to focus in the moment on the important that will help them achieve their goals.

a)Bespoke leadership solutions: Designed to address organisation challenges to achieve their goals and vision. It could include building competencies change management, business excellence, digital transformation and more.

b)Mindful Leadership:Designed for leaders and organisations. It’s based on the belief that leaders must learn to lead themselves before being able to lead teams and organisations. Leaders learn to build their self-awareness, self-leadership, team-awareness, and team leadership in this programme. This programme is based on 'Neuroscience' Emotional intelligence and Mindfulness.

c)Leadership with ancient wisdom:Based on the 5S system i.e. Swadhyaya (Understand Yourself to improve Decision Making),Swadharma (Discover your LIFE Purpose),Sadhana(Daily, Weekly practices that Enhance Productivity), and Seva (Developing the right attitudes helps you contribute towards team goals in the spirit of service).

d)Leaders as coaches:Mudit believes that when leaders become coaches, they are able to empower teams and focus on what matters most, think and deliver unique solutions. With his direction, a coach may guide their team in the greatest way possible, allowing them to achieve their goals in the best way.

He also offers specific modules to find purpose, build focus, become resilient, manage stress and improve sleep through his tailored programmes.

The International Coaching federation(ICF)defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination productivity and leadership.

The coaching process does not include advising or counselling. Instead it focuses on individuals or groups setting and reaching their own objectives.

Great leaders like Steve Jobs Eric Schmidt and Bill gates have used coaches, so should you.
a)Executive coaching
b)Team coaching,
c)Life coaching

As an executive coach he empowers organisation, teams and individuals to achieve their goals. This could include clarity in vision and strategy, delivering high performance with 10x results, business coaching, executive presence, career transition and more.

He helps executives rewire their brains to connect with their goals & vision. The executives are then able to overcome their own limitations and get motivated to execute and move towards their goals.

In Team coaching, he empowers teams to work together in an optimal manner to deliver and exceed goals. Team coaching effectively boosts the stability, morale, and productivity of groups to the organisation's greater good. It can decrease communication risks and conflicts and is an excellent opportunity for individuals working in an organisation to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.
To prevent conflict from undermining productivity, team coaching takes a team focused approach and benefits the organisation.

In Life coaching, he empowers individuals to create a Life by design, find purpose, build focus, develop resilience and become the best version of themselves. Individuals work extremely hard and focus on their professional lives to achieve success. Along the way some areas of their life get neglected. It could be health, family, relationships spirituality or anything else. He works with them to achieve their life goals and live meaningful and purposeful lives.

"Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non judgementally," says Kabat-Zinn.

Jon Kabat-Zinn is an American professor emeritus of medicine and the creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, HealthCare & Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

The basic teaching of Mindfulness is to learn to live in the PRESENT and not be lost in the regrets of the past or the anxieties of the future. This allows leaders to focus on what is important in the present , make better decisions, find purpose, be more resilient amongst a host of other benefits which are explained below.

Mindfulness programs such as Mindful leadership, Mindfulness for life, and Mindfulness for transformation are key offerings of Mudit. When asked more about these programs and how it helps his clients, he adds “I train leaders on Mindfulness which is based on Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience, so it allows leaders to be better at making decisions, improve focus, become resilient and a compassionate leader”

Leaders are very often in an IPAD frame of mind To help them with the IPAD frame of mind, Mindfulness helps them with

a)Optimal Decision making:Leaders are paid to make the correct decisions so it helps organisations reach their profit goals and enhance shareholder value. Mudit says,"I empower leaders to stop acting and taking decisions based on past beliefs and learn to PAUSE so they can RESPOND rather than REACT”.

b)Focus:According to a Harvard study the mind wanders 47% of the time? Yes, that’s true and it’s called the DMN (Default Mode Network). The amygdala which is that part of our brain that helps us detect danger is constantly active looking for threats (it helped us survive as cavemen). But today we need to learn to switch that part off to concentrate and focus. Mudit says , “I help leaders to focus on what is important at work and in their lives."

c)Resilience:Every leader faces situations that are challenging both at work and in their personal lives. The ability to rise quickly from setbacks is what differentiates winners from losers. Mindfulness helps us to pause and reflect. It helps leaders to observe the emotions associated with an event and separate it from the reality and take action.

d)Team work: Mindfulness training helps leaders improve their emotional intelligence and be perceptive to the emotion of their teams. This empathy helps teamwork and gets them motivated to perform better”.

The Mindful Leadership program works on the following premise below
Leadership begins with the mind. Learn to lead yourself because your behaviour determines the culture of your team and this impacts the way leadership is practiced in the organisation.

Managers and leaders learn how Mindfulness enables
•Self Awareness–patterns that hold them back. Build new patterns that are positive Learn the “Neuroscience” of the brain and how Mindfulness enables leaders to be aware of their emotions and thought patterns that hold them back. Build new patterns that are positive.

•Self Leadership– With Self awareness comes Self leadership
i.e., the ability to focus on one’s purpose, handle stress, learn to be resilient and enhance one’s effectiveness in life .Examine areas of your life that need attention.

•Team Awareness– Self awareness allows one to be empathetic and aware of emotions of team members. Along with Mindfulness tools, this promotes Team awareness and greater teamwork.

•Team Leadership– Leaders equipped with Mindfulness tools learn to lead with Compassion and Empathy, building a safe culture for exceptional performance. They make better decisions, lead with purpose and exceed stakeholder expectations

The App Model

It begins by training the mind to be attentive to the present moment and with regular practice the brain rewires. It builds new networks that trains the mind to be present. In this state the individual is able to focus, gain insights, prioritise and finally build the mental state to exceed his goals.

By the end of the program managers learn to practice Mindful Leadership by being PRESENT.
P:Purpose (Find your purpose in life and give meaning to your work)
S:Stress free
N: Not addicted to devices

Mudit Saxena
•International CXO leadership and Mindfulness Coach,
•Facilitator, Key Note Speaker and Mentor.
•Former C suite executive who has worked
in 5 countries running businesses working with CEOs and boards
•Founder of
•Founder of
•Founder of the Life and Leadership show
•John Mattone certified Coach ( John was Steve Jobs' coach)
•ICF Certified Coach
•Internationally trained : Tony Robbins, Blair Singer, SIY ( Mindfulness program developed in Google)

Key Services offered
•Leadership Interventions
•Coaching ( Executive, Team and life)
•Mindfulness Solutions
•Key Note Speaking

Who can benefit?
•Start ups and Founders
•SME owners
•Large Organisations

Key Services offered
•Leadership Interventions
•Coaching ( Executive, Team and life)
•Mindfulness Solutions
•Key Note Speaking

How is this different ?
•Interventions based on Neuroscience and EI(Emotional intelligence)
•Internationally proven
•Real life experience of being a C suite executive
•Proprietary Research and Models
•Implementable takeaways

•Build competencies aligned to Strategy and Vision
•Improve productivity
•Become Emotionally intelligent and Find Purpose
•Improve Employee engagement and team work
•Demonstrate Compassionate Leadership

•Goal achievement
•Optimal decision making
•Clarity of vision and performance
•Act in the present “ on what is important now ”
•Ability to RESPOND NOT React Leadership Solutions
•Bespoke leadership solutions
•Mindful Leadership
•Leadership with ancient wisdom
•Leaders as coaches

Coaching Services
•Executive Coaching
•Team coaching
•Life coaching