Mithuns Money Market: Developing Expert Market Players With ITS Advanced Training Strategy

Mithun Girishan, FounderThe millennials look at trading as one of the easiest methods for wealth creation, where they can gain easy returns within small time frames. But in reality, the majority of them fail to make money/earn profit or even retrain their investment by beating the market due to lack of market knowledge and technical skills. However, to sustain in the market, investors/traders need to spot the direction of market movement and perform trade in that respective direction. "The three fundamentals of trading are acquiring an edge by learning proper strategy, having a good risk management plan, and psychology,"says Mithun Girishan, Founder, Mithun's Money Market(MMM)­ a consulting firm providing quality training programs in capital markets.

The 2014-established firm is well known for organizing small group classroom base(two days) & online technical analysis workshops on stocks & forex. Besides, MMM provides a two month mentorship program based on live trading execution assistance and trading journal evaluation. Through its tailor made stock & forex trading training courses, MMM is not only building market experts who can trade independently, but also aiding investors, traders, working professionals and students to earn extra money consistently. Moreover, the advanced & proven strategies incorporated in its training courses assist traders/investors to pinpoint various risks involved in the market and frame trading plan based on their trading target.

The factor that sets MMM at the higher end of the spectrum is its tendency to provoke investors/ students to review their trades consistently which not only give them insights on their mistakes made during each loss, but also prevent them to repeat the same mistake again. Besides, guiding students on what should be done and what not, the company evaluates the trading plan of a fellow trader and rectifies the mistakes even before they happen alike a good mentor. This helps traders/students to develop faster, avoiding the usual pitfalls in trading. Moreover trading requires more skillful workers and not ones who are jack of all trades master of none. Hence, practicing and mastering one strategy to the maximum is the key for trading, and this is exactly what MMM preaches among its students.
Taking Next Move
At MMM learners are tutored on the most advanced & promising trading strategy ‘Price Action Trading' (core fundamental of the training program) in a conventional way that gives clear & broader overview of the forex market. "Evaluating currencies as per their pricing chart always keeps traders on the positive side and provokes them to take smarter decisions regarding their investment & earn maximum profit. Today, most of the institutions and online firms focus on trading indicators, but in real trading, the price moves first and the indicator follows. Price Action Trading is the next big move in the market under which market players can be identified by just reading naked price charts," avers Mithun.

Understanding the risks involved in trading, MMM guides students on what should be done and what not

For instance, Vinod, a real estate businessman, made 300 percent returns in just seven weeks solely through MMM forex trading technique. After failed attempts in trading,through technical analysis, he was desperately looking for a more reliable method of trading and thus opted for Mithun's Master Mentoring Program. This program has not only sharpened his skills at forex trading, but also mastered him on price action strategies, keeping him ahead in the stock market.

To further help traders/investors, Mithun has founded a fintech (TreLeS Technologies) company that develops userfriendly trading tools (like Risk Manager & Accelerated Simulator), enabling investors to accomplish their trades in a more organized way. By using Risk Manager, traders can fix the risk percentage of their capital and adjust the lot size, whereas Accelerated Simulator allows them to set the pace and eliminate the risk on capital. These two tools give a newbie the feel of real world trading at an accelerated albeit comfortable pace.

Going Forward
An engineering graduate, investor, trader, coach and technical analytics consultant with continuous learning effort, Mithun has grown MMM as a holistic stock & forex training center. He believes that it is always good for aspiring traders to learn from a professional trader than from an institution, and thus started his entrepreneurial journey by handling students/investors fund on their behalf. Currently, Mithun(a ‘Karma Shreshta Award' winner for improving the employability skills of youth) provides consultation and mentorship to several retail investors and organization directors worldwide for investments, trading and hedging their wealth in stocks and futures. Believing in Dharma and Karma, he is looking forward to develop more market experts through his distinct approach and training program.

Key Management
Mithun Girishan, Founder
After graduating from the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology as a mechanical engineer, Mithun, a professional proprietary trader, has worked for reputed IT companies like UST Global and TCS. His passion for exploring new avenues in financial markets as well as learning theoretical & practical economics and its application in daily lives aided him to establish Mithun's Money Market.

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