Mentor Nest Animation: Innovating Quality-Rich eLearning & Digital Multimedia Solutions

Amit Saxena,   Founder & CEO

Amit Saxena

Founder & CEO

The education sector saw a humongous shift with the emergence of a global pandemic. A new style of learning, e-learning, which was before the pandemic just starting to take off, became a mandatory solution to be adopted by all educational institutions. While this gave a much-needed push to the e-learning industry, it also created a need and demand for quality platforms providing these services. Mentor Nest, a multi-faceted organization, has been involved in this sector since 2011. Over the years, Mentor Nest has provided top-notch e-learning services and multimedia services, including Animation and Voice Recording services, to its clients. In the arena of Elearning, Mentor Nest caters to children’s education, Pre K- 12th grade, as well as provides corporate training to clients who so require it.

Multiple Solutions under One Roof
The idea of creating a platform like Mentor Nest was developed by a senior graphic designer Mr. Amit Saxena. The company has amassed a key position in the e-learning and multimedia segment through its commitment to Consistency, Client Satisfaction, and Finding relevant solutions for every client requirement, no matter what the problem. In their capacity as an e-learning services and multimedia services provider, Mentor Nest has worked with all the leading organizations and institutions in these areas, with a specific focus on animation services, compliance accessibility, and the creation of interactive digital content.

Having a national presence for over a decade, mentor nest has witnessed the evolution of multimedia and e-learning at its peak, which
has enabled the firm to adopt innovative and creative methods in finding relevant solutions for clients. Thorough brainstorming leads the team at mentor nest consisting of amit saxena as founder and ceo, utkarsh chaudhary as creative head, and dharamjit singh as multimedia production manager and creative head, to find insightful solutions for their clients across service areas. Knowing the power of great content in making or breaking a brand, mentor nest’s team and experts strategically design campaigns and solutions which enable client brands to go big with the implementation of impactful content that delivers brand authenticity while conveying what the brand provides. The firm adopts a similar approach to every customer facing service it provides.

Mentor Nest equips teachers and educators with the proper techniques that would keep learners engaged and responsive in an e-learning configuration

On the e-learning front, Mentor Nest integrates various functioning departments, including the content development teams and designing teams, to implement unparalleled designing principles and integrate them with the content strategized and implemented for individual clients. Partnering with educational institutions and corporates, Mentor Nest provides the required materials and training to equip individuals to perform better. In the classroom paradigm, the teacher is responsible for imparting knowledge to learners, and Mentor Nest equips teachers and educators with the proper techniques that would keep learners engaged and responsive in an e-learning configuration. Companies seeking training programs to encourage better and more proactive employee performance also receive favourable solutions from Mentor Nest in the form of intuitive internal training and performance development applications that equip employees with the tools and knowledge to work towards achieving organizational goals.

Future Plans
Mentor Nest, established through sheer determination, creativity and a zeal for innovation.“It was created with the vision to “positively impact and provide meaningful, goal oriented highend digital multimedia learning and corporate solutions to bring about a prominent transformation in the multimedia content delivery ecosystem”, states Amit Saxena, Founder & CEO, Mentor Nest.

Having achieved a reputable position in the market, the firm further hopes to expand its reach domestically and globally in the coming years. They further aim to expand their portfolio and provide goal-oriented, differentiated, and quality rich solutions in both e-learning and digital multimedia. The firm has also started working on Metaverse as well with a UAE based client and wants to explore more opportunities in this direction in future.