MATS Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship: Introducing a New Revolution in Business Education

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra,Director
Dr.Jitendra Kumar Mishra

The long ventilated gap between industry & academia incessantly being on the rise, the industries are often left high & dry in terms of recruiting fresh talent. Barring hardly a handful of top-layer business schools, most of the 5500 business schools in India are responsible for this drastic predicament. Concurring with this fact is a recent ASSOCHAM study, which divulges that the business schools in the subcontinent are busy engendering ‘unemployable’ sub-par graduates who earn less than Rs.10,000 a month if at all they find placements. Cutting it even deeper, the study further clarifies that only seven percent of MBA graduates in India are employable.

One of the biggest reasons for this disconnect probes into business schools being drastically reluctant to come-out of the PPT era and expose students to professional business interaction. This is why it’s easier to recognize the world-class business schools like MATS Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (MIME) - an AICTE Approved Autonomous Institution, from the flood of business institutions in the country. By concentrating its resources on a two-year spanning single course–Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), MIME sets benchmarks in focused & integrated business education.

A Revolutionary Vision
The credit goes to its insightful vision that redefines the meaning of education by standing tall on three strong pillars: a highly integrated curriculum devised in collaboration with industry aficionados, a robust infrastructure that recognizes students’ line of business interest from semester-one, and most importantly, a significant proportion of teaching conducted by active & reputed industry experts.

“We have mandated that at least 30 percent of the curriculum has to be taught by an accomplished practitioner from the respective industry. Besides this, 50 percent of our faculty members hold a PhD, while the rest are enrolled for the same, and above all, their average industry experience is 12.7 years. Under their aegis and a unique educational approach, our students become professionals even before starting their career,” asserts Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, MIME.

It’s hardly a surprise that120 MATSonians graduating every year are in impeccable demand against the run of employment statistics. While most of the business graduates in the country are compelled to negotiate in term of job roles & packages, MATSonians often receive 2-3 job offers at a time from reputed companies with salary package of minimum Rs.4 lakh per annum, as the institution has made it a part of its policy. MIME does not open its gates for any company offering a package below this mark. Wonder how many institutes value & respect their students’ potential
like this!

The Complete Grooming: An Interesting Pedagogy & Much More
If you still muse on what empowers MIME to have such a vigorous confidence over its students, the rationale traces us back to the way it has structured its three pillars of educational vision, starting right from devising the curriculum. MIME’s curriculum, which is designed in collaboration with industry experts is reinforced & reconsidered every year to ensure its relevancy with respect to current practice trends in the industry. “It’s not like everything is redesigned every year, but the required new content is augmented and irrelevant portions are discarded. This in fact is a regular process involving three-set of stakeholders: Teaching Faculty, Alumni, and Industry Expert,” adjoins Dr. Jitendra.

"It's hardly a surprise that 120 Matsonians graduating every year are in impeccable demand against the run of employment statistics"

Having devised a crisp curriculum, there should be an impeccable pedagogy to convey the concepts. Quite different from the conventional methods, MIME’s pedagogy boasts of a robust & highly flexible framework that focuses on students’ overall development rather than over-emphasizing on curriculum & learning. The institutes’ scientifically designed mentorship program in the very first semester is an ideal example. Through this program, every student undergoes a Psychometric profiling assessment to identify their mental capabilities, behavioral style, and business senses. This enables MIME to go beyond just carving employable students to act as a platform that recognizes their strengths & weaknesses from an industrial stand-point and imparts personalized & specific training throughout the academic days.

With the incorporation of internship programs at different levels, including the one right after the first semester, MIME takes this grooming process to the next level, not to mention the two industrial visits & training programs conducted abroad which provide students with a sense of competitive international market and different cultures. This indeed counts a predominant stride towards igniting the leadership qualities in students.

The 360-Degree Development of Students
It gets way better. MIME’s learning architecture comprises strategically organized student clubs and committees that open-up new avenues for students to thrive leadership qualities within them. “The five clubs (Marketing, Finance, HR, CSR & Hobby Club) create an environment of typical corporate organization, where our students are left in a whole new world of challenges that propel them to negotiate (with faculty as well as other clubs), take ownership of tasks, raise, manage & audit funds, and what not,” elucidates Dr. Jitendra.

Additionally, MIME has got eight different student committees, including right from academics to editorial, and event management – each of them coordinated by a student, as well as a faculty. Dr. Jitendra adds, “It’s mandatory for every student to participate in at least one committee and club
which promises to make him/her think as a leader. After all, such lessons can never be learned from classroom”.

It’s interesting to discern that MIME doesn’t stop with engaging students in its formal and informal learning methodologies, but even goes that extra mile to assess their leadership & business management qualities through a dedicated in-house Assessment Center. It’s where the students are tested thoroughly without the fear of failure through case studies, business simulation games, application-oriented programs, and much more. Unlike other business schools in the country, this 360-degree approach makes MIME increasingly confident about its students.

It’s Time to Secure Future
An offshoot of prestigious Jain Group of Institutions (JGI Group), MIME was founded by Dr. Chenraj Roychand – a dynamic entrepreneur& entrepreneurship incubator. MIME has always stood up to its reputation by not only owing to its impeccable integrated learning architecture, but also the state-of-the-art physical infrastructure and amenities. Amidst incorporating the new-norms like smart classroom & library, Gym and Wi-Fi, the institute has been quite exemplary when it comes to setting high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

While being the dream abode of students across the globe, MIME has a standard admission process that includes the national level admission test (including CAT, MAT, XAT or ATMA). The eligible candidates (UG Cut off: 50 Percent) are subjected to group discussion, presentation, and personal interview sessions, while overall score decides the admission.

“We are never focused on profit, which aids in proffering students across the financial pyramid with equal amount of opportunities,” concludes Dr. Jitendra. Today, MIME is looking forward to diversify its specialization into demanding business horizons like Data Science, Data Analysis, and Logistics & Supply Chain among others. By introducing signature educational programs projected towards such hot cakes in the business world, MIME is igniting the spark for a new revolution in the country’s approach towards education.

Key Management:
Dr. Chenraj Roychand, Founder & Chairman (JGI Group)
A well-known educationalist, Dr. Chenraj incepted 'Sri BhagawanMahaveer Jain College' in Bangalore in the year 1990, which till date remains as one of the well-known colleges in the city. He went on to establish several schools and colleges across the country in a matter of two decades.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director
Dr. Jitendra holds PhD in Economics in addition to his over two decades of experience in teaching, research, training, and consultancy. He has also published books and monograph on contemporary issues related to globalization.

Location: Bangalore
Course Offered:
•Post Graduate Diploma in Management (full-time and regular mode)