Marcello Tech: Empowering Future Innovators with Sound Technical Domain Expertise

 S. Avudaiyappan,  Managing Director

S. Avudaiyappan

Managing Director

In today's fiercely competitive job market, students often find themselves lagging behind due to a critical skills gap. This gap becomes even more evident in the ever evolving Information Technology sector, where technical expertise is not just essential for initial employment but also for continuous growth and success. Recognizing the importance of bridging this skills gap, Marcello Tech stands out as a company dedicated to empowering the young generation, including graduate, post-graduate, and post-doctoral students worldwide.

Marcello Tech, established in February 2016, is a technical training and design solutions company that offers expertise in a diverse range of technical domains. At its core, Marcello provides a leading platform that facilitates the exchange of cutting-edge knowledge and ideas. Moreover it plays a vital role in helping students gain recognition and valuable exposure in the professional world, ultimately equipping them with the skills and visibility needed to excel in the job market.

An Array of Technical Domains
Marcello Tech covers an extensive array of technical training domains, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Android Development, Open CV, Python, VLSI, Image Processing, Network Security, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Big Data, and Data Science. Each of these technologies holds its unique place in the tech landscape.

Empowering Through Education
The core objective of Marcello Tech is to provide members and their clients with the latest information and professional facilities at any time, from anywhere. They place a strong emphasis on technical assistance in training and project work, catering to students from various disciplines, including Engineering, Diploma, Arts & Science.
Marcello's primary focus is on serving the educational needs of Southern part of India, particularly, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Over the past five years, the company has educated approximately 10,000 students, arming them with valuable skills in this ever-evolving field.

Innovative Training
Learning at Marcello Tech is not just about textbooks and lectures. They believe in going beyond traditional teaching methods and employ techniques such as role-play and group discussions to enhance the learning experience. In addition, the company has seamlessly integrated Google Classrooms into its teaching process, ensuring that course materials are readily accessible to students in both online and printed formats.

Marcello Tech's commitment to holistic education is evident through its regular workshops, internships, and seminars. These programs, spanning from three to thirty days, are conducted both online and offline, ensuring accessibility for all students. While Marcello Tech doesn't directly facilitate placements, they provide extensive training to equip students with the skills needed to excel in job interviews. Many graduates have successfully secured positions in renowned companies.

Recognizing the importance of bridging the skills gap, Marcello stands out as a company dedicated to empowering the young generation with diverse skill sets

A Commitment to Student Success
Many of Marcello Tech’s students have gone on to secure positions in esteemed companies like Tech Mahindra, HP, Infinite Software Solutions, HCL, and CSS Corp. The institution maintains strong ties with its alumni, using their feedback and insights to continually refine its curriculum. Marcello Tech also recognizes the importance of language diversity, offering classes in both Tamil and English to cater to individual preferences and schedules.

Adapting to Industry Trends
One of Marcello Tech's core strengths lies in its dedication to keeping pace with industry trends and technologies. “We understand that knowledge must be current to be valuable, and this is why we consistently update their course content", states S. Avudaiyappan, Managing Director, Marcello Tech. These courses are not just theoretical; they include practical, hands-on exercises and real-world projects to provide students with invaluable practical experience.

Vision for Tomorrow
Marcello Tech's journey is marked by ambition. "We plan to obtain ISO certifications and pursue further accreditations to enhance our credibility and the quality of education we offer. As part of our expansion, we aim to introduce regular full-time courses, requiring students to stay on campus throughout the day", says S. Avudaiyappan. To facilitate this immersive learning experience, the company plans to provide boarding and lodging facilities. Marcello Tech is poised to shape the future of technical education with its commitment to excellence, innovation, and student success.