Macademy: Proving New-Age Learning Solutions to Schools Symbiotically

Abhilekh Puttagunta,   Founder & CEO

Abhilekh Puttagunta

Founder & CEO

Technology is dynamically changing all landscapes, and that includes education. The evolving needs of modern learners require modern learning solutions which are relevant in today's time. Learning Management Systems (LMS) contributes smartly in this space which allows instructors and teachers to deliver customised content, leverage a variety of pedagogical models and engage students in a more effective manner. With LMS it is seamless to deliver study material, monitor learner participation and assess performance, all at a centralised source of learning.

New Face of Education
Leveraging the beneficial attributes of LMS and offering unique educational benefits is Academy which is a learning and content management system that is working towards providing digital resources and digital content for teachers while they teach. It also works as a direct companion of schools where students are given homework and personalised adaptive learning for their after school study as well. According to Abhilekh Puttagunta, Founder and CEO. “Most schools had difficulties with offline teaching during COVID-19 and the impact of learning through digital platforms could not really showcase its benefits. There was evidently a learning loss that happened during that time. Coming to the present, we are working in collaboration with all of our schools where

we are synergised with the curriculum that the school follows on a daily basis. We are not getting into the B2C segment, instead we are focused on the B2B segment where we collaborate with schools where 99 percent of students are enrolled. I believe that is how the actual learning outcomes are delivered".

MAcademy's primary vision ensure that the Indian education system is more skill-based than just theory based that bridges the gap between new-age students and old age education infrastructures

Among MAcademy's product offerings, there is Nema, which is a solution for improvement through assessments with over 2,00,000 questions and 75+ examinations; Viyat, which provides K-12 Digital content and LMS across National (CBSE) and 23 state curriculums; Mudra, which is an outcome based learning that promises to deliver results on a daily basis within the yearly curriculum and provides daily progress metrics for all; and, Ksheta, which is printed book material from Grade 6-12 that is in complete sync with MAcademy platform. Out of all the offerings, Mudra has amassed more popularity where the school provides MAcademy with the student's performance data which is analysed.

Further, for the personalised adaptive learning to truly work, student preferences are taken in terms of the kind of learning they want, the learning resources they prefer and the study timing that suits them. Based on all the data students' progress is analysed on their question answering ability, their behavioural analytics and their stamina analytics. Additionally, energy metrics can also be extracted from those students who are using digital watches. All of this put together helps MAcademy provide the right kind of content at the right time.

Synergistic Learning
MAcademy's main aim is to eradicate the confusion that LMS platforms typically have where there is a lack of synergy between the school and the eLearning platforms. The company is mitigating the gap in order to ensure greater possibility of learning for the students. It is not about an overload of education but the education on the right things. MAcademy's primary vision is to reduce learning loss and to ensure that the Indian education system is more skill based than just theory based that bridges the gap between new-age students and old age education infrastructures.