Liveware People: Helping Organizations to build the right Leadership Pipeline

Mukund Menon,FounderA vibrant industry, the Leadership Training and development market is in the need of rejuvenation as most of the leadership programs does not focus on the holistic development of a leader. It is mostly focused on subjects or topics, classroom learning, with some limited case studies and work out groups being provided for a simulated exposure. Addressing these gaps adequately by delivering unique Leadership Programs that are institutionalized and customized to the client's organization values, philosophy and culture, Liveware People helps them by creating a customized leadership development program to build the right leadership pipeline and address a future growth-oriented organization.

Liveware People is founded by Mukund Me-non, and Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana which has been advancing with a vision of co-creating an environment that unlocks the potential in an organization and creates a leadership bandwidth.

Liveware People is a People Advisory and Consulting firm, that offers services like, CHRO As A Service, Leadership Development, Organization Development & Effectiveness, Coaching, Learning & Development, and role-based learning. Liveware People is focused on programs for Enterprise Leaders such as Sr. VP's and C level executives, Business Leaders including GM's & VP's, Leading Teams consisting of Managers & Sr Managers and Individual Contributors referred as Team Members.

The programs are spread across a period of 8 months, designed in a way for the participants to ensure that the topics covered are relevant to the role they play and the
expectations to the future role. Liveware People ensures a combination of classroom, experiential learning, 1:1 coaching session, work out sessions, case studies, self-awareness, self-development planning and more.

"It is built based on the 70:30:10 model, in which 70 percent people learn from their job, 30 percent from working with their managers, peers, and team and 10 percent from classroom interventions provided by us.

The 1:1 coaching session addresses their SWOT's at work-life in dealing with on-the-job real-life situations and helping the participants to overcome their challenges which are 70percent of their learning. "We engage with the managers of the participant well in advance and orient them on the details of the program to support their team members through constant dialogues and discussions, which supports the 30 percent part of their learning," says Mukund Menon, Founder, Liveware People.

Liveware People team of associates bring in a strong experience of last two decades where they have managed people practices through important events such as Y2k, internet bubble, IT & ITES revolution, automation in the manufacturing industry, e-commerce boom, telecom revolution, globalization of companies, and more. It has gained its expertise in creating compelling and disruptive people practices through this journey.

"Our Leadership Development Program overall is branded as `C-Suite', and individual programs under this umbrella include roles people play such as Enterprise Leader, Business Manager, Manager's Manager, First-time Managers and so on. Our 3P approach, Professional, Personal and Physical (wellbeing) focuses on all three in an individual to become a successful leader. We specialize in this approach and it has given outstanding results to an individual. Our 1:1 coaching session during the 8-month training period is an effective way of reinforcing the learning, experiences and helping the participant to build their leadership thought process during the period," avers Mukund Menon.

After the COVID situation, Liveware People has introduced several innovative ways of using the digitized platforms to virtually connect with several participants and retain the spirit of the program." Our program size varies on an average is 25 participants each and engaging them virtually for 2 full days for 8hrs each is a new competency we have added to our portfolio. We have recently partnered with a virtual learning platform that provides high-quality learning content online and learning activity which we expect to leverage as we move forward in the new norm.

Our customers are global and currently, they have expressed interest in extending the programs to their global leadership spread across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Liveware People will position itself in building a global leadership program that helps organizations to `build' leadership talent from within as opposed to `bring' from out-side," concludes Mukund Menon.