Learn & Grow Academics: Building a Quality Life for Thousands of People across the Country

S C Dubey,Director

S C Dubey


At some point in life, people often end up wondering about the true meaning of their lives. This is that point in life when one needs the right guidance to succeed further in both professional and personal life. Life coaches help you identify the areas of concern such as strength and weakness in one’s life and encourage in leveraging the inner strengths. Through proper guidance from an experienced life coach, one can live a fuller and more meaningful life. Around 89% of people in India are aware of the importance of a life coach. Due to this awareness, the life coaching industry in India is growing at a rapid pace. SC Dubey, LIFE COACH a well renowned life coach and the director of Learn & Grow Academics offers life training to people from different professions and ages. His aim is to maximize the potential of one's mind and soul and motivate people to achieve their goals and lead meaningful and beautiful life.

S C Dubey, LIFE COACH a highly experienced professional in the arena walks extra miles to make people's lives better. A Psychotherapist, Pranic Healer, Mudra Healer and Reiki Healer by profession, his passionate approach towards life coaching makes him stand out from the crowd in the competitive market. He
is the trainer of 'Successful Parenting', 'Secret of Teaching', 'Smart Parenting' 'Meditation','Art of Healthy Living, 'Examination Mantra' for students, 'Enhance the Power of Body,Mind and Soul',Secret of Leadership and‘Life Management’. For more than 22 years he has given training to students, teachers, parents and to corporate sectors. Through Learn and Grow Academic’s life coaching programs, Dubey ensures to develop one's self confidence and self-awareness in order to help them achieve the goals and real purpose of life.

We ensure to develop one’s self-confidence and self-awareness in order to help them to achieve goals and the real purpose of life

“I am not here to inform you about the principles of life, I am here to transform you to embrace your best
self”, SC Dubey, LIFE COACH adds.

The Journey of Growth
Learn and Grow Academics was started with the purpose to solve real issues faced by teachers, parents, handicapped kids and students. With time it also started giving training to corporate people on how to lower their stress levels and sort out issues in their professional and personal lives. At present Dubey has imparted motivational training programs to more than 2,30,000 people from different cities and districts and from different areas of life which include students, teachers, parents, Defence officers, police officers and people from NGOs.

Some of his notable social contributions include training programs for prisoners of Presidency Jail Alipore and Dumdum Central Jail Kolkata, IPS and OC officers of different police stations and officers of the Indian Navy, Govt of India, at Kolkata and Haldia. What differentiates him from others in this industry is his compassionate approach to the underprivileged. In addition he has conducted several free training programs for the NCC cadets, old age homes and handicapped children. For his noble social contribution, he has been awarded the 'BANGA KRITI SAMMAN' at the Press Club, Kolkata. He was also awarded ‘BAGLAR GOURAV’ award for his contribution towards society as an educationist and trainer. “I love to help people find out their inner conscience and achieve all the happiness they deserve in life”, concludes S C Dubey, LIFE COACH.