Kirti Lasers: India's Premier LASER Solution Provider

  Girish,    Founder



The Indian laser market is rapidly growing and is expected to register a CAGR of 18.2 percent during the forecast period (2022-2027). The laser technology helps in enhancing product quality and in process quality control at every manufacturing stage. The Indian market for photonics is witnessing high growth due to rising automation and development of new applications. Established in the year 2000, Kirti Lasers was set up with a single vision to provide best and innovative solutions in LASER technology with passion and dedication and aim to provide total customer satisfaction.

To cater to customer's needs, the firm has put in strong R&D effort to develop indigenous and unique solutions. Kirti Lasers is known for its innovative LASER solutions for marking, cutting, welding and scribing. "Customers want to make minimum changes to their existing processes and achieve maximum accuracy and precision. This is where our technical knowledge, three decades of industry experience and deep understanding of technology comes into play and we are able to provide innovation. With our innovative solutions, we integrate and automate the existing systems and processes and take away the customer's involvement in mundane routine tasks", shares Girish who is the Founder of Kirti Lasers.

Offering a Gamut of Offerings
Kirti Lasers offers a wide range of products
including Marking LASERs (CO2, IR, UV), Welding LASERs (ND:Yag, Fiber LASER), Deep Engraving LASERs (High Power Pulsed Fiber LASER), 3D Engraving LASERs (High Power Pulse Fiber LASER), Cutting LASERs (CO2, Fiber, Nd:Yag Pulsed LASER), Micro Machining LASERs (Pulsed Fiber and Picosecond LASERs) and Diode pumped solid state (DPSS-Green, UV, IR). The main application of its products includes automotive, medical, semiconductors, fabrication as well as Research and Development, lighting and electrical industry. The firm also acts as System Integrator between LASERs and other machinery in use at the customer's premise. The company provides end-to-end solutions to achieve Straight Through Processing without customer intervention. To reduce the need for service and maintenance and to improve longevity of its machines, Kirti Lasers uses Fiber LASERs.

What makes Kirti Lasers different from other players in this segment is the company's ability to run the maximum types of applications in India through its LASER machines

Serving Across Industries & Sectors
What makes Kirti Lasers different from other players in this segment is the company's ability to run the maximum types of applications in India through its LASER machines.

The firm contributes to more than 60 percent of the Conrod (Connecting Rod) making automotive industry in India. The company produces low cost, affordable and precise gold cutting machines. The firm also produces bindi cutting (Indian dot) LASER and handheld portable welding machines and has made India's first indigenous LASER trimming machine used for trimming active and passive components. The firm employees 25 people with offices in Mumbai, Pune and Pondicherry.

"We believe that development of compact hand held marking machines at affordable price is the future in making. Also, sheet metal cutting and welding LASER will be required by every fabricator shop. This is a big upcoming opportunity", shares Girish.

Kirti Lasers has recently developed a high power LASER cutting machine for metal sheets. To achieve growth in the industry, the company is improving its manufacturing facilities to cater to the future requirement of LASER machines in India."LASER technology courses should be introduced at Graduate and Undergraduate level so that we are able to harbor young minds and produce skilled LASER professionals",says Girish before signing off.