IPCS Global: A Leading Platform Providing the Market with Employable Professionals

  Abdul Jamal,    Director

Abdul Jamal


One of the worst hazards the COVID-19 epidemic, as you are all aware, affected the whole planet. It demonstrated to us the necessity of sound marketing strategies for all businesses to succeed in this world. In this digital age, there are other places to look for a consumer besides the Smartphone. We learned from the epidemic that you should approach them where they are if you need to sell them a good or service. The market need for digital marketing was therefore increased by Covid-19. Digital marketing will reach its market peak within the next two years. With the explicit purpose of providing the market with the most employable individuals, IPCS Global offers a wide range of digital sector programs.

Since 2008, IPCS Global has been leading the market while continuing to do so, and their highly focused market Research team makes sure that the curriculum is revised every six months so that they are constantly two steps ahead of the game. They anticipate market trends and prep are the candidates per them. They provide a variety of programs such as Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Industrial Automation, Building Management Systems, Embedded Systems, and much more. The distinctive training approaches that IPCS uses are their most significant USP. Their training courses are specifically
designed to be very job oriented and realistically oriented so that employers don't need students to undergo training after being hired. “Our ultimate goal is to surpass the expectations of our customers and elevate ourselves as the best Technical Training provider for diverse sectors in the World”, says Abdul Jamal, Director, IPCS Global.

Giving Businesses Skilled personnel
The most significant pain area for clients is the lack of employability, as everyone is aware, the country's degree programs include a wide range of disciplines, but companies need employees who are knowledgeable in a certain domain. With its distinct presence, IPCS Global ensures that the talent gap is entirely covered. Every year, they have at least 150 percent increase in placed applicants.

Our ultimate goal is to surpass the expectations of our customers and elevate ourselves as the best Technical Training provider for diverse sectors in the World

Another common refrain that IPCS Global receives is from small or medium-sized business owners who are unable to create revenue digitally or oversee their staff.They feature tailored training for entrepreneurs, such as the Advanced Certification Course in Online Entrepreneurship. They will work with the candidate on business while instructing them on each and every element essential for the firm.

We can simply explain the efficiency of our programs with the consistent growth in the number of placements that we make per month & year. From the year of starting till now, IPCS have a steady growth in market demand for our trained candidates. Which in turn helped us to reach a mile stone of total of 12000+ placed candidates in the past 14 years”, speaks Jamal.

TUV Rheinland Germany, Jain University, KHDA Dubai, and STED Council India all recognize IPCS Global. Their ultimate objective is to exceed client expectations and establish themselves as the world's top technical training provider for a variety of industries. The goal of IPCS is to grow to be the largest technical training provider in the world within the next three years. They are currently expanding both internally and globally, as well as with a wide range of enthusiasts who wish to become partners with IPCS.