International College For Security Studies(ICSS): A Prominent Cyber Security Training And Consulting Organization In India

 Prof. Dr. R.S. Nehra,  DirectorToday, digital marketing has brought an entirely new world of advertising opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Nevertheless, the way it functions has opened much more room for specific sorts of threats that can cause extreme damage to a brand's reputation. No one can deny the importance of cybersecurity in such an era of digital marketing. No business segment is exempted from the competition. Standing out from the competition is precarious to every company’s success. While most people understand that concept, far too many businesses fail to put it into practice.

Established in 2009, International College for Security Studies(ICSS) is one of the prominent market leaders, training and consulting organizations in the realm of education over the last decade in India. ICSS is specialized in all types of tattoos and acts as chameleon at the demand of the time and situation. With its core operations revolving around the ecosystem of Individuals, Academia Industry, Government and PSUs for providing an effective solution in the domain of cybersecurity, ICSS always strives to stand out in this crowded market by adopting various innovative techniques and tactics which include creating an amazing company culture delivering extraordinary service addressing customers’ pain points and focusing on a niche market.

“Cyber Security is a dynamic component of every company’s infrastructure. We believe the success of a company lies in its ability to safeguard its proprietary information and customer data from those who would abuse it. The new age challenges confronted by the cybersecurity market include changing technology extended attack opportunities for hackers; complicated regulation and paucity of IT talent. ICSS safeguards its clients by offering industry aligned training, providing employee security awareness training, putting policies and procedures in place, ensuring gateway security having an endpoint security system, implementing IAM and multifactor authentication ensuring mobile protection, remote access, and virtual private networks and establishing a proper backup and disaster recovery system”, says Lt.Gen (Dr.) N.S. Malik PVSM, Chairman, International College for Security Studies(ICSS).

"ICSS has always been a propelling force for strengthening and enhancing the skill development govt. Initiatives and ensuring long-term stability and encouraging growth"

ICSS has always been a propelling force for strengthening and enhancing the skill development Govt. initiatives and ensuring longterm stability and encouraging growth. In addition, the institute educates employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology(IT). “Our business maxim is based on 'Future Secure' that means we are envisioned to secure the bright future for the upcoming generations”, adds Lt. Gen(Dr.) N.S. Malik PVSM.

Bridging Skill Gap with Industry Ready Courses
Keeping up with its inception objective, in the field of training, ICSS provides both offline and online training services to students on various cybersecurity courses. Some of the flagship offerings of ICSS include Cyber Security Training and Certification Content Solutions Cyber Security Awareness and Advisory Solutions. The firm envisions providing effective knowledge expertise, and in demand skills through its industry aligned training programs. Prof. Dr.R.S. Nehra, Director of ICSS shares his philosophy on how one’s willpower determines skillset hence, “We keenly focus on the development of will power of the students towards skill
enhancement in the domain of cybersecurity. We believe in minimum profit and maximum sell philosophy. Our quality of the training orients a wide range of students towards this domain. Therefore, we can easily set fewer prices compared to our competitors.”

Workforce scarcities exist for almost every position within the cybersecurity domain, but the most severe requirements are for highly skilled technical staff. According to NASSCOM 1 Million Cyber Security professionals will be required in India by 2025. According to Tripwire, 80 percent of security professionals say skilled workers are more difficult to find. With a vision to bridge the skill gap between academia and industry by producing industry-ready talent, various strategies are implemented by ICSS for students to stand out in the crowd encompass. Some of these include developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills, creating awareness about the cybersecurity market and skill gap in this domain, developing industry aligned curriculum essentially reviewed by Subject Matter Experts(SMEs), providing knowledge and expertise about the new cybersecurity trends and techniques along with placement assistance, mock interviews and personality development sessions as per the market trends.

With ITC headquarters based out of new delhi, ICSS has accomplished 178 projects, trained more than 48,000 candidates, helped 42,000 candidates in getting placed

Setting New Benchmarks
Today, ICSS has partnerships with topnotch recognized bodies in India and outside such as National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC), EC Council and relevant sector skill councils along with all other globally recognized bodies related to cybersecurity to build a sustainable and enabling skill ecosystem. With its headquarters based out of New Delhi, ICSS has accomplished 178 projects, trained more than 48,000 candidates, helped 42,000 candidates in getting placed and the firm has had 98 percent positive feedback. Some of the major clients of ICSS include names like Deloitte Adani Group, Chhattisgarh Government, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India, IIRIS Consulting Pvt. Ltd, eLight Panzer Division Security and Allied Services Pvt. Ltd and many more. “On 2nd May 2019, ICSS conducted a certificate program as a training partner in ‘IT & Cyber Security’ for Top Management of Punjab National Bank as per the RBI mandate. We have also performed Vulner ability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) for Agrow Allied Venture”, mentions Lt.Gen (Dr.) N.S. Malik PVSM.

From its inception in 2009 to signing numerous MOUs with Israel College, ILFS, NSDC for training purpose, Government of Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh to teach security as a subject in government schools, to becoming accredited partner of EC Council in 2017, completing effective training of 50,000 people in the sphere of cybersecurity, and becoming the impanelled partner for training with DMRC, PNB, Amazon and Walmart in 2019, ICSS has marked a journey that has been a success saga with its own ups and downs.

Today, ICSS is the first security college that encompasses an extensive range of security aspects from the service point of view. ICSS is also the first center of excellence in national security in India with the collaboration of Govt. of Kerala with the DPP model where the emphasis is mostly on cybersecurity.

In terms of revenue, International College for Security Studies (ICSS) is growing at a rate of 25 percent to 35 percent annually. For the years to come, ICSS is all set to build more relevant security programs, and provide effective and efficient solutions for processes, practices, and technologies used by government sectors, private sectors, and corporate.

Prof.Dr.R.S. Nehra is an Executive Member of Pragmatic Educational Society and Director of International College for Security Studies (ICSS). He is an avid academician and entrepreneur. He has worked with IGNOU as Academic Counsellor for Bachelor and MasterDegree Programmes. He has worked with College of Vocational Studies (CVS), the University of Delhi as Professor and is a guest lecturer in various colleges and forums. Prof. Nehra has conducted various Management Development Programmes (MDPs) and Capacity Building Programmes throughout India with both Government and Non- Government agencies like EDI and Government of J&K for skill-building/upskilling and livelihood training.

Lt.Gen (Dr.) N.S. Malik PVSM is an Executive Member of Pragmatic Educational Society and is Chairman of International College for Security Studies (ICSS) since its inception. He retired as Dy. Chief of Army Staff in 1998 where he was responsible for key aspects of the Indian Army He was awarded the highest peacetime award for ‘Distinguished Service of Exceptional Order’ for 38 years of meritorious service. He is a Ph.D. in Defence studies from Meerut University and also has an MSc (Defence Studies)from Madras University.and livelihood training.