Intelligence7: Building the Synergy between Learning & Practical Knowledge in Stock Market Industry

Kunal Kishore, FounderTo befit the paradigm of expert trader, experience in experimentation with ace trading market skill is must. To gain market experience and practice, students & even professionals start educating themselves with a lot of indicators, different types of trading strategy, subscribe to various telegram channels for signals which in turn lead to a poor performance in the stock market.

Predicting this fracturing scenario, Kunal Kishore & Pulak Priyesh (Founders who are recognized as Sensex ka sultan) established Intelligence7 to bridge the knowledge and experience gap in the stock market industry. It combines training framework and learning with the industry requisites to create career paths for professionals & students and bring in the convenience of practicing trading under the guidance of experts to help them emerge as intellectuals. Apart from providing live market strategy training based on market & script physiology discussion to various experienced traders, this 2013 established firm equips students with the psychology of the market movement, factors influencing the trend, technicalities and fundamental techniques.

On one hand, live trading session gives hands-on experience, develops learners’ intuitive thinking and aids them to take quick decision whereas on the other hand, Trader’s Floor transforms individual trader into
successful professional trader with prowess in complete risk assessment & trend analysis.

Intelligence7 combines training framework and learning with the industry requisites to create career paths for professionals/students

Distinct Approaches
With three popular courses: Starter Pack, Personalized Pack (traders who trade in higher volume) and Pro Pack (traders who take trading as their profession), today, Intelligence7 is covering the whole thesis of stock market.The starter Pack gives insights on fundamentals of the stock market, basics of the candlesticks & how to recognize patterns, whereas, the personalized pack designates a personal financial trainer (available over call/text) who bestows various trading strategy and assist traders in formulating a trading setup, guiding them throughout their trades work. On the flip side, under pro pack, traders are trained on money management/risk management techniques, wherein trainers evaluate student’s personality and help them develop a trading setup/strategy based on their trading style/philosophy, thus making them ready for a flourishing career in the stock market. While the two aforementioned packs are conducted for one month (eight hour session), the pro pack lasts for three months.

At Intelligence7, students are taught technical analysis and given feedback on their daily profit/loss trades making it an agile form of learning and traders are introduced to webinar where various CNBC experts assemble and discuss about the global & local economy.d Consequently, learners are motivated to learn from their mistakes and apply the trading knowledge on the live market which is evaluated by company’s experts who correct their faults and assist them in designing better strategies. Furthermore, students are instructed to trade familiar/unfamiliar markets, initially through paper trading without capital and later through actual capital.

The company that concentrates towards the overall performance of students not just keeps its course modules user friendly but also focuses on the application rather than the learning and provides NISM certification, and internships. “Methodology is what differentiates us from the conventional trading institute. Not only we have India’s finest traders giving learners their gems of wisdom but also a wide network of traders that render them an edge over others. Through discussion forum students formulate a wider perspective in their learning journey,” concludes Kunal.