Insys Technologies: Empowering Students & Professionals for the IT Future with Industry-Oriented Practical Training

 Shesh Kumar Upadhyay,  Founder & Director

Shesh Kumar Upadhyay

Founder & Director

Gone are the days when acquiring a specific skill set would suffice for an entire career. Today, skills have a significantly reduced shelf life. Technological innovations and emerging trends render certain skills obsolete within a short span of time. Professionals must acknowledge that what they know today might not be sufficient to morrow. To maintain their professional edge, individuals must proactively update their skill sets and embrace emerging technologies. Recognizing this critical need, Insys Technologies has emerged as a prominent IT training institute that equips individuals with cutting-edge skills for the ever-changing industry.

Inception & Vision
The founder Shesh Kumar Upadhyay brings a wealth of experience to the institute. With a background in IT and years of service in Ministry of Communications & IT and some multinational companies, he recognized the need to make technology accessible to the masses. In 2016, he founded Insys Technologies with a mission to simplify complex technologies and provide technical training to individuals.

Insys Technologies offers a wide range of courses is broadly divided into three categories: Software applications/processes, IT Infrastructure Management System(Networking & Server), and Cloud Computing and DevOps. The institute also provides modular courses to cater to the needs of working professionals. The courses cover diverse areas such as Data Science, Data Analytics, Web App Development, Security, Hardware and Networking, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Machine Learning &
Artificial Intelligence. With over 40 courses available, Insys Technologies ensures that IT professionals have access to the latest trends and technologies.

One of the flagship offerings is its Cloud Computing certification courses. These courses cover various aspects, starting from networking and server technologies to virtualization technologies such as VMware and Hyper V. Students gain expertise in public and private cloud implementation using platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. The training program equips students with the skills needed to design, plan, and scale cloud solutions, enhancing their employability in this rapidly growing field.

Differentiating Factors
Insys Technologies stands out from other training institutes due to its industry-oriented practical approach. Courses are designed to meet the ongoing requirements of the IT industry, with curriculum updates based on feedback from industry professionals. The faculty members are experienced and up-to-date with the latest technologies, ensuring that students receive the most relevant and practical knowledge. In addition to technical skills, it also emphasizes the development of communication, leadership, interpersonal skills, and integrity, which are crucial for success in the industry.

We aim to address the gap between job opportunities and the availability of qualified professionals

The company adopts a practical and hands-on approach to training. The institute provides a dedicated lab facility, enabling students to practice and implement their learning in a real world environment. Workshops and live projects are integral parts of the training program, allowing students to gain valuable industry experience. With a futuristic approach to teaching and learning, Insys Technologies ensures that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the IT industry.

With over 40 years of experience in the IT sector, the founder has established strong connections with various companies and professionals in the industry. The institute assists students with placement activities, aligning their skills with job requirements and facilitating interview opportunities. Insys Technologies also offers corporate training programs and has partnered with educational institutions, including engineering and science colleges, to provide training facilities and enhance the educational ecosystem.

Insys Technologies has ambitious of opening four more training centers in different areas of Mumbai. Furthermore, it is committed to creating a world-class education system that aligns with the latest technologies and industry demands.