Instil Leadership: Addressing the Challenges Faced by New-Age Leaders with Effective Solutions

Arun Swamy,Founder

Arun Swamy


Offering courses workshops or educational programs whose purpose is to improve the performance of managers and personnel leaders within the organization, the leadership training market has been one of the fastest-growing and evolving segments in the learning and development (L&D) industry over the past decade. Eager to establish a unique identity within this thriving sector, Instil Leadership has shown promise since its inception in 2018 by the virtue of its novel and innovative leadership training.

Instil Leadership was founded by Arun Swamy on the premise that mindful, motivational leadership is at the heart of business performance and growth. Passionate about leadership development Arun is a certified executive coach with over two decades of IT leadership experience in companies such as Siemens, Hewlett-Packard and Dell, across multiple industries including healthcare, automotive, and telecom.

With a vision to develop leadership across various companies within the industry by replacing existing leadership development methods, Instil Leadership is extrapolating a common framework for essential leadership development by understanding the challenges encountered by various companies from a leadership context.

"A study of current findings in the leadership literature and experience in corporate leadership development enabled us to develop a core leadership development framework that regardless of changing market conditions, business models and corresponding strategy can always be an organization's competitive advantage. Our entire set of offerings are centered around what we consider a core leadership framework that acts as a foundation across industries.
By contextualizing the content to the situation/company, utilizing experiential learning via simulation or role plays to impart key concepts and providing 1:1 or Group Coaching to integrate learnings back to the job, we enable learning rather than offering training," says Arun Swamy, Founder, Instil Leadership.

With a core leadership framework comprising of three main offerings which include Strategic Leadership (for Leaders in impactful positions), Collaborative Leadership (Leaders as Coaches), and Inspirational Leadership (1:1 Coaching for the C-Suite), Strategic Leadership is the flagship program of Instil Leadership. "Strategic leadership involves running a sample company in a simulation. By relating that to a key learning point, we craft the program which includes a metaphor for delivering business results.

The other aspect is about using coaching, both one on one as well as group coaching, and I'm talking about formal coaching as a mechanism for integrating it back to the job. Unlike conventional training programs, here the learning points are contextualized to the company and also generated during the program via the discussion. That's how it becomes personal to the participant. And then, once the workshop is over, we continue the journey by having a coaching program (multiple sessions), but now we have a good basis for that coaching program, which is the concept that people learned.

Instil Leadership not only develops key concepts in advance but also ensures a conversational delivery style by crafting content based on participants' involvement

These sessions are offered as both one on one and group coaching, where people reflect on their issues. This enables them to integrate the learnings back into their job. This whole process is dictated by a goal-oriented action plan that addresses the key dimensions of leadership," states Arun Swamy.

Deploying innovative training methodologies such as Simulation/Role-play and post-workshop coaching to integrate key concepts into the job, Instil Leadership is ensuring the best learning outcomes for the participants. Maintaining the quality and authenticity of content during the training process, Instil Leadership not only develops key concepts in advance but also ensures a conversational delivery style by crafting content based on participants' involvement.

"Apart from consistently trying to improve our programs by gauging feedbacks from our customers, we are intending to develop a core framework. Now that I have a base level of leadership skills as my foundation, I have a plan in place where we can add more such programs based on individual needs to this framework. I'm focusing more on developing the quality of my programs because it is important to me that they form the perfect bridge between what I'm offering and what people need," concludes Arun Swamy.