INFOSECTRAIN: Building Cyber resilience through Expert Cybersecurity Training

Deepti Kalra,CEOTechnology has become an integral part of our lives, and cybersecurity has never been more crucial. As cyber threats continue to advance, individuals and organizations seek effective ways to protect their valuable information. Founded in 2018, INFOSECTRAIN has quickly established itself as a dynamic and innovative organization in the rapidly changing realm of cybersecurity. Recognizing a void in the market for comprehensive IT security training, the visionary founders of INFOSECTRAIN embarked on a mission to bridge the gap and empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect against digital threats.

Over the past five years, the company has trained 50,000+ professionals, helped 100+ organizations in 43 countries, and earned accreditations from IAPP, ISACA, EC-Council, CompTIA, Microsoft, and more. INFOSECTRAIN offers a wide range of services, including data privacy, cloud computing, risk and compliance, and security consultancy. The organization aims to be the global leader in security training and consultancy, building trust in the business community.

Prioritizing Learner Engagement & Motivation
INFOSECTRAIN prioritizes quality by implementing a stringent hiring process to ensure that only certified trainers are brought on board. Firstly, it sets clear strategic objectives using the SMART technique, which ensures that goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. Secondly, INFOSECTRAIN develops a comprehensive actionable strategy that
outlines the methods, content, and delivery channels necessary to achieve these objectives. Additionally, the organization invests in technology to enhance content delivery, track learner progress, and gain valuable insights through its smart learning platform. Learner engagement is another key focus, with INFOSECTRAIN prioritizing learner motivation and active participation in their programs. Lastly, they also foster a culture of ongoing education by equipping employees with tools and resources to consistently improve their skills and knowledge.

INFOSECTRAIN offers courses like CISSP, CCSP, CEH, CISA, CISM, ISO 27001 LA, and Security+. Their expertise lies in providing a range of highly advanced Certification based courses, including the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), CISA(Certified Information Systems Auditor), and CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control). In addition to these certifications, INFOSECTRAIN also offers tailored training programs that cater to the specific needs of learners and organizations seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in various areas such as cyber security, information security, cloud and network security, risk management, governance, regulation, and compliance, as well as data privacy.

Flexible Learning Solutions
INFOSECTRAIN believes in delivering comprehensive learning solutions tailored to each client's specific needs. They begin with a thorough training needs analysis (TNA) to determine individual requirements. Clients are then provided with guidance and mentorship to choose from a range of suitable courses. They allow clients to choose their preferred mode of learning, from virtual instructor-led, classroom, one on one, on demand, and blended learning methods. The instructors are certified industry experts, and the training includes frequent assessments that focus on scenario-based and project based learning.

"After completing the training, learners undergo a post training evaluation, and they receive continuous support until they successfully pass the certification exam. INFOSECTRAIN also implements a rigorous feedback system to gather input from learners regarding the instructors' ability to share knowledge and deliver training effectively. This approach helps INFOSECTRAIN stay on track and ensure consistent quality checks of its instructor base", briefs Deepti Kalra, CEO.

Future Roadmap
INFOSECTRAIN is expanding its course offerings to meet the demands of both employers and learners, covering various fields such as cyber security, Cloud & AI, data privacy, and GRC. In addition to individual learners, the company is also providing corporate training services to organizations aiming to enhance their staff's cybersecurity skills. Moreover, INFOSECTRAIN is now offering security consulting services to help organizations establish cyber resilience and create a secure digital environment for their businesses.