Indian Option Trading Academy: Empowering Individuals to Supplement their Income & Wealth Creation

Rajendra Pathak,FounderFalling for the fraudulent tip/advices provided by various stock trading service providers is a norm in a country like India where people try investing their hard earned money to earn some quick and healthy returns. “On the other hand, these early learners who are totally dejected due to such heavy losses struggle with lack of awareness on how to handle market volatility, which is why they get trapped in the gambling net trying to recover losses,” explains Rajendra Pathak, Founder, Indian Option Trading Academy(IOTA), a stock trading training institute.

The company is on a mission to deliver the best equity trading and investment strategies to its clients and investors to supplement their regular income and long term wealth creation. Hence IOTA provides the mantra of ‘stay away from tip providers’, which restrains its learners from falling into the trap. “We have made Mind Management an equal (if not more)important part of our training,”adds Rajendra. This Mumbai based institute is probably one of the few institutes that provide exclusive online training in Hindi, while the courses are too easily comprehensible. Despite being a low cost program, IOTA provides lifetime support to its learners and hence caters to learners not just from India but globally.
Unique Attributes
Working on the philosophy of life time support, IOTA’s learners have access to trainer 24/7, thus ensuring regular online connect, which keeps the learners updated with current market trends. Further, the institute works towards developing fully independent traders who need not depend on other ambiguous sources. Established in 2015, IOTA offers pocket friendly courses akin to ABBM (Any Buddy Become Millionaire a comprehensive online training program with basic and advanced technical analysis along with Made Easy Trading Option (METO) and Jackpot Trading Strategies(JTS)), BATA (Basic & Advanced Technical Analysis), METO, JTS, and IDTS (IntraDay Trading Strategy).

Working on the philosophy of life-time support, IOTA’s learners have access to trainer 24/7 thus ensuring regular online connect, which keeps the learners updated with current market trends

The institute also conducts lowcost mentorship program (one year course) and will soon be launching the EDTS (Expiry Day Trading Strategy) with three levels. “Our training courses are programmed with such simplicity that anyone(student, retired personnel or house wife) can benefit from it. Our mission is to help even an amateur to earn at least Rs.2000-Rs.5,000 on a daily basis,”says Rajendra who leverages his three decades of experience in investment consulting and tax planning in the financial service industry to educate the learners. He has the hunger to keep learning relentlessly which helps the institute provide latest training modules, which adds towards the success of the students.

Adhering to strict technical analysis results and Rajendra’s experience enables IOTA to keep the training content authenticate, thereby maintaining the quality of the program. Having recently launched the EDTS course, the institute will soon be launching the OOMC (Online Option Mastery Course), and aims to reach every individual who are eager to earn regularly at a low investment towards training. “We want to see people make a concrete mind-shift from considering stock market as a gambling adda to a genuine profession. Hence we focus on the learners RoI by trying to provide them various different trading platforms,” concludes a proud Rajendra for whom the profits earned by his students are his greatest achievements.