Highsky IT Solutions: A Training Institute focused on Comprehensive Software Development Practices

 Sagar Sen,  Managing Director

Sagar Sen

Managing Director

In India, DevOps sector has been valued at $3.3 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to witness robust growth in the forecast period 2024-2029 with a CAGR of 20.1 percent. It is quite evident that in today’s evolving landscape of software development, the continuous adoption of agile methodologies and ongoing delivery practices has become a necessity for DevOps training institutes aiming to stay relevant and competitive in this market. This sudden rise in the demand for quicker, more efficient development cycles has played a major role in the growth of DevOps training institutes in India. Nevertheless, numerous training institutes in this field still depend on traditional development practices, which are no longer adequate to meet the exact requirements of major IT companies in the market. Standing out prominently among them is Highsky IT Solutions, a forward-looking institute that extends its training programs beyond the traditional topics and cover portions that are relevant to current industry requirements.

Highsky IT Solutions offers a broad range of services, namely Cloud Support, IT Support, classroom training, online training and corporate training. The institute has customized its services to meet the specific requirements of clients. Highsky has made sure that all its courses are designed by some of the best minds of the industry after a thorough research and brainstorming. Highsky's aim behind offering every course is to provide comprehensive preparation and
equip the aspiring minds for success in their chosen field. “Our goal is to provide students with high quality education, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed for the future”, says Sagar Sen, Managing Director.

Emphasizing on Practical Approach
Highsky IT Solutions has a strong commitment to stay relevant in the constantly changing IT landscape. The organisation is heavily investing in training and certification programs with a focus to develop the skills of their associates. Ensuring that courses offered are characterized by their sustainability, innovation, scalability and flexibility, the technical and nontechnical team undergo comprehensive training programs to acquire the necessary skills. Moreover, they also hold valid certifications from recognized bodies which validate their expertise in specific areas.

Highsky IT Solutions imparts new methods of thinking, measuring, working & organizing to effectively help its students with DevOps training

Highsky IT Solutions has designed its entire degree and certification programs to provide practical experience to students by incorporating industry-level projects. Through this practical approach, the company tries to equip all the students with the understanding and abilities that are needed to proficiently engage with and contribute to the ongoing practices and requirements of the IT industry. Furthermore, it also helps students to gain practical insights of industry operations, thus enhancing their readiness for professional roles in the future.

The institute has established an out of the world lab infrastructure for its students to get optimum outcome out of their training sessions. Moreover, after getting trained from Highsky, students will be able to make better judgements using actionable insights, hence resulting in continuous development. The institute is also focused on providing its training programs to underprivileged students at a very affordable price, since it strongly believes in the right to education.

Highsky IT Solutions not only guarantees a job to each candidate after course completion but also offers placement assistance to ensure their successful entry into the workforce. Moving forward, Highsky IT Solutions aims to foster the development of young minds and their skills through a holistic approach, guiding them through every subject from fundamental to advanced levels. The institute is seeking to pave the way for success, not only for itself but also for its clients and associates.