Hero Vired: Paving the Future of Data Science Education in India

Akshay Munjal,  Founder & CEO

Akshay Munjal

Founder & CEO

The global Data Science education industry is anticipated to reach $378.7 billion by 2030. In India, the sector is expected to experience significant growth, with projections indicating a surge from $204.23 million in 2023 to $1.391 billion by 2028, displaying a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 57.52 percent. This expansion is attributed to a shift towards data-driven decision-making in various industries. At the forefront of India's Data Science education landscape is Hero Vired, a premium LearnTech company that has positioned itself as a catalyst for change in addressing the country's 'employability paradox'. Established in April 2021, Hero Vired is committed to providing extensive skilling, upskilling, and reskilling programs, with a specific focus on empowering the Indian youth for the future job market.

NASSCOM predicts that India will see a surge of 16,500 new job opportunities in Data Science by 2025, indicating a burgeoning demand for skilled professionals in the field. Recognizing this demand, Hero Vired has strategically introduced three specialized programs designed to enhance the skill sets of professionals, preparing them for lucrative roles in the evolving Data Science landscape. One standout program is the Advanced Certification Program in Data Science and Analytics, developed in collaboration with the University of Chicago. This program specifically targets coders, providing them with the expertise needed to seamlessly transition into the expanding field of Data Science. Complementing this, the company offers in-house programs like the Accelerator Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the Accelerator Program in Business Analytics and Data Science, both crafted by industry experts to provide professionals with a competitive edge.
What sets Hero Vired apart is its collaborative approach to program development. By partnering with industry leaders, the company ensures that its programs are of the highest quality, overcoming geographical barriers and allowing learners to access esteemed institutes and industry influencers. The emphasis on hands-on learning, with 70 percent of sessions being instructor-led live sessions and 30 percent self-paced learning content, fosters a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Hero Vired ensures that its programs are of the highest quality, over coming geographical barriers & allowing learners to access esteemed institutes & industry influencers

Hero Vired goes beyond academic training by providing comprehensive placement assistance for all its programs. The career support team offers post-completion guidance, including assistance with resume and LinkedIn profile building. Each learner is assigned a career specialist from the learner success team who assists in building their personal and professional brand, refining presentation and communication skills, and preparing for interviews.

“Today, traditional degrees may not be sufficient in making professionals ready for skill-based job roles. There is always a need for enhanced skillset which is why we are attempting to go beyond the conventional, sculpting skill-forward learning experience to make our learners job ready. Our faculty at Hero Vired are industry leaders with extensive practical experience. They provide insights deeply rooted in real-world industry practices. Our aim for hands-on training is unwavering, complemented by one-on-one sessions that serve as a compass for our learner's learning journey. Each individual receives personalized guidance, ensuring that doubts are not just clarified, but understanding is deepened.”, shares Akshay Munjal, Founder & CEO, Hero Vired.

In the span of just two years, Hero Vired has successfully placed over 300 learners, showcasing the transformative impact of its programs. One notable success story features a learner from Odisha who transitioned from a non-tech background to a Data Analyst position at Propmath, highlighting the efficacy of Hero Vired's Accelerator Program in Business Analytics and Data Science in facilitating significant career shifts.

As the Data Science education landscape in India continues to evolve, Hero Vired is set to play a crucial role in bridging the skills gap and empowering individuals to embark on exciting and rewarding careers in this rapidly growing field. With its innovative programs, industry collaborations, and focus on practical learning, Hero Vired is poised to contribute significantly to the flourishing Data Science ecosystem in India.