FOREXTAMIL: A Stable Ladder To A Financially Safe Future

The concept of stock market and forex trading may sound like an effortless game of luck, but in reality, a fruitful trade involves innumerable complexities that pose a challenge to even the seasoned traders. Sadly, many people realize this and acknowledge the existence of online trading training institutes only after losing hefty monies. Metamorphosing such tragedies into success stories since 2008 is Forextamil, a Bangalore based online trading training academy, which provides practical education that is built to benefit everyone equally, no matter how financially literate they are.
Senthamizharasu, CEO
Besides offering training courses, Forextamil also has a global team in London & Dubai, offering Asset Management and Brokerage services encompassing Forex, CFD, Indices, Stocks and Commodities to international clients. This global perspective enables the institute to surge ahead of the other academies that are stuck within the small circle of Indian stock market. "Well versed with the current terminologies trends and strategies in the market, our teams in London & Dubai help the Bangalore team(spearheaded by experienced senior editor) to develop up-to-date content," avows Senthamizharasu, CEO, Forextamil.

A Course for Everyone
Simplicity being the common denominator for all his trading related activities, Tamil has built a well-defined trading plan, including risk & trade management. Designed to give the best start to its participants'trading career, Forextamil's Beginner's Course guides its participants through the basics of forex trading and prepares them for live trading. With the advanced course, the

Intrigued by the Forex market during his college days, Senthamizharasu (aka Tamil) instigated as a blog to share his personal trading views. Soon, he compounded the business services with a self developed system based on price action that turned him wealthy in his 20s. Having propelled into a great global
community of profiting traders, Tamil has managed to score a spot in ‘India's Top 10 Traders' list at the tender age of 27 with awards like Best Trader in Asia ­2015 at ShanghaiForexExpo to speak for him. institution produces real information & simplified strategies on how & when to buy and hold the stocks to get handsome profits without spending an unhealthy amount of time. Forextamil's Bank Manipulation course divulges the highly advanced trading technique that is based solely on the price movements on a naked chart to predict future moves as opposed to relying on indicators and automated bots.

Well versed with the current terminologies, trends & strategies in the market, our teams in London & Dubai help the Bangalore team to develop up-to-date content

Vesting more emphasis on practical sessions (occupies 70 percent of its classes) than theory classes & interactions, Forextamil handholds its students through the wilderness of online trading world by setting up unique test methods. "Till the students are confident enough to complete the allotted assignments, we don't move them to the next level. There is no time constraint," explains Tamil. Considering the fact that 90 percent of its teachers live in London & Dubai, most of its classes are taught Online.

Moving deeper into the digital world, Forextamil is in the process of scheduling its courses as webinars. The courses are also being converted into complete video sessions with the plan of making them available on YouTube as well. Relishing an impressive 50 percent revenue growth for the past two years, Forextamil anticipates a 80 percent growth this year.

Key Management:
Senthamizharasu, CEO
Senthamizharasu has achieved more in his tender age of 27 years than most can endeavour in their lifetime. After securing a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and Master's in Finance, he shifted his focus to the vast opportunity that the Forex Market has to offer. With an extensive list of satisfied clientele under his belt, his expert guidance has helped many individuals reach the zenith of success.

Offices:India, Dubai & London.
Offerings:FOREX & Stock Marketing Training, along with Asset Management and Brokerage services for Forex CFD Indices, Stocks and Commodities.