Finnovationz: Revolutionizing the Finance & Investment Outlook in India

By Prasad Lendwe, FounderIt's rightly said,'Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions'. When Prasad Lendwe desired to become a stock market expert, he didn't find much financial avenues which took him long to fulfill his desire. He not only took it as a challenge, but also made it his stepping stone to create Finnovationz. Founded in 2016, Finnovationz is India's fastest growing online stock market training company that helps learners master every aspect of investment & finance through its various innovative platforms.

Prasad says,"Lack of knowledge and limited of access were the two major problems that I personally faced during initial stage of mylearning. At Finnovationz, we currently focus on solving two key problems lack of financial education and illiteracy via various platforms including YouTube company website and online course. We have successfully launched our app Infovationz to enlighten people about different financial aspects on a global sphere. Through these approaches we are not only creating nationwide financial awareness, but also motivating Indians to explore immense investment opportunities".

This Noida based firm is covering every area of stock market with its four courses: Stock Market for Beginners Mutual Fund, Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, where in these programs are delivered through its
Learnovtionz platform(used by only authorized subscribers). The subscription charge for Learnovtionz is very minimal(Rs.500-Rs.1000)giving even the college goers an opportunity to learn something new and add skills with their pocket money. Devoted to the dissemination of financial knowledge, Finnovationz continuously strives to make Indians understand why investment is necessary and how these courses can change their financial & investment habits while giving them fair ideas about how to pick company & analyze business, and when to invest & when not.

Finnovationz has kept strong eyes on simplicity while designing & delivering the courses which is highly appreciated by learners

Simplicity at its Best
Taking into account the complexity involved in studying finance & stock market, Finnovationz has kept strong eyes on simplicity while designing & delivering the courses which is highly appreciated by learners. On one hand, long F2F videos & lectures are replaced with short animated videos & lectures, easing students to correlate lectures & videos at the same time, whereas on the other hand, Infographics & case studies are used instead of blogs & content to make the subject more explanatory & interesting. Throughout the course, each topic/ concept is explained with simple examples in short time frame so that learners can easily understand the whole concept of stock market by just watching the lectures. These distinct methodologies make Finnovationz's stock market training simple & interesting, giving students a competitive advantage.

With the aid of its enthusiastic team of qualified engineers, graphic designers, content writers, and sales executives, Finnovationz is planning to launch multiple mobile apps to make finance and investment look simple. It is even working on adding live case studies to its courses along with interviews of its successful investors to present the learners the real scenario of market. Simultaneously, this innovative firm is adding AI to scrutinize the performance of each student so that they can become stock market experts while overcoming their weaknesses. In its amalgamating list of providing financial education to everyone Finnovationz is at the threshold of introducing training programs for housewives and school children (below 14), apps for easing the access of investment and free apps like InfovationZto simplify the finance and revolutionize the whole finance and investment outlook of India, thus enabling everyone to contribute towards the country's economic growth.