DV Analytics Training Institute: Offering Data Sciences Training Programs to Freshers and Professionals

Debendra Das,Director

Debendra Das


Data science has been an active career option among the youth and pertaining to the increasing demand for trained and certified data scientists in India, many organizations have been adopting new technologies for extensive data-analysis to draw meaningful insights. Addressing this increase many institutes offer certifications and training courses online and offline to young and experience professionals. DV Analytics Training Institute is one such institution offering coaching programs.

The institute was founded in 2010 in Koramangala, Bangalore by key persons Debendra Das and Venkat Reddy Konasani. It was officially registered and headquartered in Bangalore in 2018 and has a branch in Bhubaneshwar as well.

Industrial Employment-Ready Mentorship Programs
DV Analytics trains its candidates keeping in view the Industrial Employment approach. It offers Data Science as a full package as DBMS Programming, Data Visualization and Data Mining complete business applications demands for Industrial Employment as a Data Scientist.

The institute offers different data science programs, in a stepwise approach that include DBMS & Statistical Programming Languages like SQL, SAS, R and Python; Data Analysis to Storytelling Dashboard making in Advanced Data Visualization Applications like Excel, Tableau, Power BI and Qlik;Data Mining Techniques such as Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
The special coaching services specialise students in Data Analytics Specialist (DAS), Advanced Data Analytics (ADA), Master Program in Industrial Data Science (MPIDS). The institute is associated with International Association for Business Analytics under European Framework.

DV analytics has a dedicated team of experts involved in a continuous Research about industry patterns and trends regarding data sciences

The Institute proudly states its motto as "We not just train, we program for a 100 percent success". The reason that the institute ensures full success rate is the straightforward training approach that it adopts for the candidates. By continuous monitoring of the students right from the start through assignments and tool-specific tests, it categorises them into Expert, Advance and Needs Improvement levels and works upon them accordingly to enhance their professional abilities and by offering professional recommendations.

The institute offers realtime industry applications for data science and problem solving ability to its students. During the training phase, the students are made familiar with realtime problem solving approaches by assigning tools specific assignments and project completions that challenges them on intellectual levels and gives them a nudge towards better results.

The participants come up with some key challenges and the institute handles them professionally. Some of the major challenges include communication skills, logical reasoning and problem-solving ability, project knowledge and technical know how, and confidence. The institute addresses these challenges on individual candidate level by recognising the strength and weak points of each student and then works upon them by offering practical solutions to them.

Training The Candidates Towards Techno-Functional Skills
There is an obvious transformation seen into the students who take these mentorship programs. From data reading to data decision, the candidate professionally gains techno functional skills that is a combination of Stats, Mathematics, Information Science and Technologies.

DV Analytics has a dedicated team of experts involved in a continuous research about industry patterns and trends regarding data sciences. Through meticulous research, the institute is willing to add more new programs to the current portfolio. The pandemic sure brought some setbacks to the education and training industry and the institute is working on its survival strategies during the Covid times. The success rates of the students and industry referrals sets a thrive to achieve more and lead the institute towards substantial growth.