Dumick Educational Consultancy: Assisting Students in Selecting a Career Path that is Compatible with their Interests

Dr. Bobby Goswami Baruah,   Founder & Director

Dr. Bobby Goswami Baruah

Founder & Director

Career coaching is a relatively new concept in India and has gained momentum in the last few years. Career coaching is widely defined as a systematic way to decode the bundle of career opportunities in line with one's passion. Effective career coaching acts as a catalyst for students to pursue their goals. One needs to have adequate knowledge of the current education sector and the student's inclination to guide them through their journey. On the one hand, effective career guidance may take students to their career pinnacle, and on the other hand, the absence of it may hamper the growth of the individual. A Guwahati-based career coaching company named Dumick Educational Consultancy provides absolute guidance for students to choose their area of interest and make a quality career out of it.

Dumick Educational Consultancy provides 360-degree career guidance based on the student's assessment and their area of interest. The unique methodology of the firm lies in its multiple assessments of students. This firm analyses the students from various perspectives and understands their strengths and weaknesses of the students through a plethora of psychometric tests. After analyzing the student's performance in various dimensions, this firm narrows down the area of interest and decodes the specific areas to pursue. This firm is one of the most
trusted educational consulting firms due to its uncompromised quality guidance and a group of industry experts. The cutting-edge career assessment and collaboration with prestigious colleges in India and abroad make students gravitate towards this firm over other players in the market.

"We at Dumick Educational Consultancy follow certain parameters to ensure the effectiveness of our guidance". Speaking more on this company's Founder and Director, Dr. Bobby Goswami Baruah, "All the hard work that we put into assessing, guiding, and consulting a student is to make them ready to enter their professional world with their heads held high. We ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our counseling institute based on two parameters the first one is student parent satisfaction. Secondly, the uncompromised quality service that we offer without time bound The combination of these two parameters enables us to carry out our consultancy in an efficient manner".

We strive for the holistic development of students by enabling them to choose their areas of interest

Assisting students to follow their Passion
The present education system is expanding in a rapid phase, meaning that new courses are being introduced often. This makes students choose and follow a specific discipline. Considering this as a prime hiccup for students to select a career path, Dumick Educational Consultation follows a specific path to guide students concerning their area of interest. After analyzing the students comprehensively, this firm prepares a structured map that eventually connects every dot and gradually helps to eliminate the weak areas and choose the appropriate path for students to cherish in the future. This practice also helps students to eliminate their confusion and helps them to focus on their ambitions.

Constant innovation and timely upgradation are integral parts of this firm. Dumick Educational Consultancy upgrades the numerous ways to assist students with appealing techniques persistently to make them more effective and transparent. Having branches in major cities like Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Delhi, this firm is expanding its operation to the entire Northeast belt such that it will be a focal point for students who hail from this pertinent place.