Dr. PT Sunderam: A Pioneering NLP Relationship Mentor of India

Dr. PT Sunderam,CEO & Relationship Mentor

Dr. PT Sunderam

CEO & Relationship Mentor

Although India accounted for 18 percent of the global population in 2016, a study published in the Lancet Public Health journal showed that Indians accounted for 37 percent of the global suicide deaths among women and 24.3 percent among men. Moreover, the report also stated that the married women accounted for the highest proportion of suicide deaths among women in India. The reason behind this is mainly the lack of access to mental health facilities for women. Around 50 years ago, a seven-year-old child witnessed the same stressed situation of his mother; he decided to save her and many such mothers who are waiting for help in the society. The child today is renowned as Dr. PT Sunderam – a life skills Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) application Relationship Mentor, Life coach, NLP Counsellor, NLP Trainer NLP Mentor and one of the early NLP pioneers of India.

“We focus on rescuing emotionally disturbed young couples by helping them to discover the love maps of their partners and easily navigate their happy life,” states Dr. Sunderam. Established in 2001, the brainchild of Dr. Sunderam – Mind Restore – is best defined as a Relationship Mentoring Lab that operates with an aim not just to train women or couples, but also individual as well as corporate lives by resolving their painful inner conflicts, emotional wounds and limiting belief, through a total transformation centred approach.

Expert with Aim
Leveraging his expertise in NLP life skills, Dr. Sunderam is offering relationships mentoring courses, NLP training, group coaching, life coaching, certification courses, online training, womb training, career guidance, parenting, counselling, treatments, mentoring Training, and much more through Mind Restore. His approach towards the clients is quite different from others. Unlike most of the NLP practitioners & coaches who use NLP training tools to teach success, Dr. Sunderam focus on NLP application tool for relationship building and produce success by hand handholding youth through coaching and mentoring. Moreover, the clients are trained to become mentors, through the mentoring labs throughout the world. Each mentoring batch comprises of a small group of couples, executives, housewives, and entrepreneurs, who were stuck up through emotional pain in their life. Dr. Sunderam then moulds them like clay pot on a pottery wheel, where they are mentored for three months to 12 months duration in batches.

Based on William Edwards Deming’s philosophy – ‘what you cannot measure, you cannot improve’, Dr. Sunderam follows a detailed and transparent procedure to offer the best outcome to the clients. The mentees are asked to document their expectations at the very beginning, analyzing which what can
and cannot be delivered is clarified in advance and promised. Then according to the mentoring agreement, the mentoring labs begin with an affirmation ‘homework done of the last session is the eligibility ticket for the next session’. Following the modules two exclusives deliverables are highlighted – one is the assignment on the learning deliverables (LD), and the other is the assignments on the field deliverables (FD). Further, the right content is designed on the mentoring needs of the groups, psychometric tools like DISC, Enneagram, and Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence tests (DMIT) are used. For, one to one talk and relationship focus learning, John Gottman’s approach is used. The purpose is to enable people to harness not only their massive hidden potential but also to help them understand their core values to become the best version of themselves. “I want the future youth to be master of their destiny, which is possible only through mentoring and not by going through knowing philosophy of training or teaching,” states Dr. Sunderam.

Opportunities & Activities
There are very few coaches who have got the opportunity of attending the training sessions of Dr. Richard Bandler, Co-Developer of NLP, and Dr. Sunderam is one of them. For a year, Dr. Sunderam led the NLP practice group, which became his strength. As a former head of L&D of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), he applied NLP techniques for recruitment, coaching and mentoring to new induction executives at the entry-level. Keen about the application of his expertise and skills in NLP, Dr. Sunderam also provided NLP therapy to 400 prisoners in Hyderabad Central Jail. For this activity and thesis, he was also awarded a PhD in NLP.

We focus on rescuing emotionally disturbed young couples by helping them to discover the love maps of their partners, kids and easily navigate their happy life

Dr. Sunderam also has a unique strategy of candidate selection for the NLP Mentor certification courses. During his one decade of a stint in NLP training, he found a treasure of investing in young emotionally disturbed mothers, who have undergone severe pain in their own life. Hence he relies more on these participants and believes that they can enormously help the society. Apart from that, with a vision to touch as many lives as possible using NLP to help people actualize their greatest potentials, Dr. Sunderam has shared 350+ NLP YouTube Videos, 200+ NLP Podcasts in four Indian languages and authored NLP books.

A Better Future Ahead
With all these, he has helped around 30,000+ youths of the society since the last two decade, out of which 30 percent are NRIs and are trained via Skype. With such dedicated offerings, Mind Restore has witnessed revenue collection of Rs.5 million so far. “We have a plan to start online relationship university, where the past mentees will be sharing their experience, and serve as faculty, offering certificate to mentoring courses in relationship mind programming arena. We intend to increase the number of Free Webinars we conduct for expanding the awareness in the society,” concludes Dr. Sunderam.

Dr. PT Sunderam, CEO & Relationship Mentor, Mind Restore
Dr. Sunderam is among the first NLP relationship mentors of India, and a well-versed NLP Trainer with almost 20 years of experience in the NLP segment. He is a ICF coach, and NLP student of Dr. Rihcard Bandler, and completed ACC with ICF (International Coach Federation), US.
Office: Chennai
Mission: To train 1000 relationship mentor
Vision: To empower 10 million mothers of future generation