DeveLearn Technologies: An Institute Delivering Cutting-edge Data Science Education with a focus on Practical Learning

Dr. Sanjay Kadam, MD & Founder,Dr. Vidya Kadam, HOO & Founder, Mr. Akshat Kadam, CEO

Dr. Sanjay Kadam, MD & Founder

Dr. Vidya Kadam, HOO & Founder, Mr. Akshat Kadam, CEO

The data science industry is growing faster than ever, with more and more businesses being aware of the importance of experts in this field to drive business decisions. It is also a force that drives today's industries to improve their productivity, develop their business, and provide better products to customers. Demand for such experts is high and the supply is very low, hence students today are keen on picking up these technologies to gain access to the huge job market open to professionals in Data Science.

Established in 2018, Develearn Technologies is an IITian mentored institute, with its directors having over 20 years of experience in computer education. The mission of the institute is to deliver cutting-edge data science courses developed by a team of industry experts with world-class content. Dr. Sanjay Kadam, Founder and MD, Develearn Technologies says, "We are mentored by PhD scholars of universities in Maharashtra & Karnataka and have tied up with a plethora of universities in Maharashtra for providing their students online and offline training in Data
Science. Develearn Technologies is also closely associated with government bodies such as NASSCOM, RUSA & TASK in order to effectively train students and provide short-term intensive faculty development programs to universities and educational institutions far and wide.

Bridging the gap between Industry & Academia
Starting off with an offline training centre in Mumbai, Develearn is fully equipped with State-of-the-art machines capable of running intensive Machine-Learning programs. Their curriculum is designed as per industry standards & requirements, with an aim to mould the students to be market-ready professionals. Dr. Vidya Kadam, Founder and HOO, Develearn Technologies adds, "We routinely provide services to various prestigious companies and industry experts, and are well aware of the requirements of the industry. As a result of this, many of the coding and SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) projects we have designed involve different portions of subject matter based on industry practices. We also provide students with hands-on, offline and online training."

Develearn Technologies provides various courses such as Python & R Programming, Big Data management using Hadoop; and under their flagship courses on Data Science, the institute offers Machine Learning and in-depth look into Neural Networks & Deep Learning - the technologies at the core of the world's best products.

As the company also operates industry projects, they offer internships to their students and pro-vide the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on real-world problems. Also, by leveraging their network of companies in the Mumbai and Pune region, DeveLearn is able to provide placements to its best students.

Akshat Kadam, CEO of Develearn asserts, "Our big-gest aim is to bring advanced education to the masses and prepare our workforce with industry-relevant skills to support our growing economy. We also demonstrate our expertise in this by providing solutions in Artificial Intelligence to industry leaders such as Oracle, and bring this insight to our students. Furthermore, we aim to take Data Science education into the interiors of our country, as every child should have an opportunity to learn and have a career in Data Science if they are willing to and have such abilities."