Prompt Infotech: Believing in Helping Companies Become Profitable by Creating a Healthy IT System

Sankarraj Subramanian, Founder & CEO

Sankarraj Subramanian

Founder & CEO

Cyber Security has become a serious business in India. With the increase in data breaches and the numerous issues that it creates, companies have evolved in securing, preventing and protecting the data. Many companies are coming up with proving network security solutions to companies and on the other hand, all the institutions have started to include security training into their curriculum. With this aspect, many training divisions come forward to provide quality training and the real competition starts here.

Entrepreneurship has always been Sankarraj’s aspiring dream which urged him to start up a company. Established in 2011, Prompt Infotech is now a leading Cyber Security Solutions company in India providing services and support to government, private and corporate sectors. Prompt is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, one of India’s fastest-growing technology companies, delivering managed security services by safely embracing transformative technologies. The Training and Development wing strives at updating niche technologies to technological aspirants all over the world through conferences/workshops/ seminars & training.

“I was always been into computers from childhood and when everyone else was concentrating on developing software and websites, I wanted to secure them on the other end. After completing my degrees, and gaining all the knowledge from a company which is a Dubai based firm servicing in cybersecurity and learned about the business strategies and market strategies for three years. I started the firm Prompt Infotech all
by myself,” shares Sankarraj Subramanian, Founder and CEO, Prompt Infotech.

Prompt Infotech training sectors include Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking, Product Security and Privacy, IT Security Anti Phishing, Wireshark Network Packet Analysis, SOC Security Operation Center, Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing, Open Web Application Security Projects(OWASP), Information Security & Cyber Forensics and Networking & Server Administration. These trainings are offered to both corporate and institutions globally and the training is delivered by Sankarraj Subramanian who is a Certified Ethical Hacker and a Cyber Crime Consultant with 14 years of experience in this field. When it comes to training students from institutions, Prompt Infotech offers placement and internship services along with global certifications.

The training strategy of the firm is to make any candidate start from the basics and get hands-on practical training to every module they learn

Prompt has always been unique when it comes to training. The company handles realtime training with exposures to live cases on how to analyze and resolve the solution. Prompt has a team that constantly works on placement and makes sure every student is benefitted by the training. The training strategy of the firm is to make any candidate start from the basics and get hands-on practical training to every module they learn. This is where case works come into the picture. “Since the company is involved with several cybercrime departments from Tamil Nadu in solving cases, we also provide practical training on how cybercrime cases are being resolved and acknowledge any candidate who successfully completes the given task”, adds Sankarraj. Realtime practical training will always go a long way and training methodology remains the same.

The major clients that Prompt Infotech has served over these years from around 45 countries such as the Government of Russia, Embassy of India Myanmar, Indian Navy, Indian Army, ISRO, Cyber Crime Department Tamilnadu, WeWork Inc Hong Kong, Damac Group Dubai. Also, clients from various abroad universities namely, UBIS University- Geneva, HEC - Paris, Synergy University Moscow, Boston Business School Singapore, San Beda University Philippines, Ruby’s International School Nepal, Cyryx College Maldives and the list continues.

“Our mission is to provide the best service and product along with security measures and support. Corporate clients have started engaging with us and our goal is to expand the network and provide services and training to a lot many companies that are in high demand for the same. We would also be initiating services like providing cybersecurity to the common people, creating awareness through all media platforms about how to keep your data safe from any attack”, concludes Sankarraj.