Consoleflare: Ensuring Successful Career change with Professional Data Science Certification Programs

Nihal Jaiswal & Mrinmai Sharma<br>,   FoundersIn today's data-driven world, data science is a critical player, influencing decisions across various industries. With an astounding 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated daily, data scientists are instrumental in extracting valuable insights that can lead to multimillion-dollar revenues. They empower businesses to make well-informed choices, cut costs, and enhance customer experiences. This exponential growth in data science has created a wide array of job opportunities, ranging from data analysts to machine learning engineers, making it a promising career field for individuals equipped with the right skill set. In response to the escalating demand for data science expertise, numerous institutions and online platforms have emerged, offering a plethora of rapid but often disorganized courses and programs. A recent Mckinsey survey found that companies that use Data Science are reporting 115 percent higher ROI and 93 percent higher profits.

Empowering Data Science Aspirants for Success
Consoleflare, a trusted online training institute in Northern India, specializes in data science education, offering simple, affordable, and results-driven courses in the widely spoken Hindi language. “The need of the hour in data science learning is a most genuine course with industry expert trainers delivered in the native language Hindi, and this is what we did to get best results”, states Founder & CEO of Consoleflare, Nihal Jaiswal. Established in 2019 under the parent
company Arbre Creations, Consoleflare uniquely combines its training expertise with real-world data solutions, providing students with invaluable insights into the latest tools and technologies. Arbre Creations offers services and data solutions to the organizations dealing with data difficulty.

With a team of highly qualified and industry-expert trainers, students gain practical knowledge and real world understanding, essential for excelling in data science and machine learning. Consoleflare embraces a culture of limitless learning, allowing students to retake courses within a year and providing lifetime access to course materials.

For anyone willing to switch their career into IT Field. This is the right time. We can help you achieve your dream career with the seasoned trainers, invaluable guidance & our strong community

Placements & Internship
Learners at Consoleflare have the opportunity to pursue internships with renowned companies seeking data science interns. Consoleflare collaborates with over 500 companies that are actively recruiting for data science positions, with a growing network. Since its inception, the company has helped more than 5000 eager learners switch to the field of data science. The students of Consoleflare have got placed in JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, Genpact, Celebel Tech, Cognizant and more, with salaries ranging from 6 to 35 lakhs per annum.

Succeeding in a professional course requires training from seasoned industry professionals. At Consoleflare, all instructors possess a robust background in data science and machine learning. They provide regular interactive workshops and online seminars to actively involve students beyond the standard curriculum. “By 2026, there will be 11 million job openings in data science. The demand is already there. Once you learn and master the skill, all you need is to show the world what you've got to secure better opportunities. And our placement team has understood the math behind it”, mentions Nihal Jaiswal.

The Journey Ahead
Consoleflare is committed to enhancing placement assistance by partnering with over 500 companies for effectiveness and efficiency. “We solved the problems that were too difficult to solve. By focusing on what learners really need and putting them first before anything, we realized that there weren't so many problems after all. When we take a student-centric approach, everything just works smoothly and our students started getting unbelievable result”, concludes Nihal.